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(Chaos is ARC_Trooper_Fives character.)

"Do you really still believe you will never die?"

Metallic and salty, blood filled his mouth and dripped from his nose and lips. There was a brief pause, then his lips slowly curled into a wicked grin, his black eyes turning upwards. His eyes met those of the dark user in front of him as he lifted his head some.

"Yes," he hissed, blood starting to run down his neck and chin as a morbid look spread across his entire face. His lips curl into something akin to a pleased snarl and his black eyes narrowed, red pupils growing larger. His battered body shuddered slightly, but he didn't fall. Rather, straightened up slowly. There was a hellish gleam in his eyes like some darkness deep down had been awakened.

Shifting back defensively, the dark force user reached towards his lightsaber, but sneered slightly. "You're no opponent. The least they could do is send someone slightly above mortal status."

Black eyes snapped up, widening as the red gleam burned brighter, then a morbid low tone of laughter escaped bloodstained lips. "You taunt and sneer, but you know nothing."

It took only a few seconds for those words to escape his lips and fewer seconds for his whole body to jerk forward in one swift motion, his hands wrapping around the other man's neck. The dark force user yelped and tried to use the force to shove him off. It only succeeded in throwing both men back, though, and they landed hard.

Bones crunched on the impact and the dark force user hastily tried to tear free using the force, but the grip on his neck was too strong. They struggled for a moment as he held tight, his grip beginning to crush the other man's neck. Then an elbow jammed into a previous wound and he let go, the other man scrambling up. He made no sound of pain, though, no flicker of it in his eyes as he too started up.

As he started, though, he was soon met with a blazing red blade inches from his face. The dark force user stood, his eyes wide and slightly fearful as he held the lightsaber defensively.

It didn't faze him, though, and he stepped a little closer, not seeming to care about the searing hot weapon millimeters from his head. "You think your toys will scare me off? When did you ever meet a demon that feared death?"

The dark force user stepped back a bit, his eyes darting around.

He stepped forward again, a look of morbid pleasure having taken over his entire face. Blood still dripped from his lips and nose, trailing in streaks down his chin and neck, having smeared across once white armor. Bruises marked his scarred face, and deep serious wounds marked his battered body. Blood seemed to seep from his armor, spilling down it with a gory effect. Any normal human being would've fallen to blood loss or pain at that point.

Not him.

He inched closer, like a predator stalking prey. Slowly he circled the force user, hollow eyes locked onto him. The lightsaber didn't seem to deter him, thought the force user continued to wield it as if it provided some defense. He stepped closer, his eyes narrowing until his red pupils were barely a pinpoint in a sea of black.

"Am I a worthy opponent now," he growled.

The force user swallowed hard, nodding. "Y-yes."

He smiled wider, his eyes widening to a wild state. "Good. Because now you're going to pay for what you did to this body. Every single bit of it."

He lunged before the force user could move and caught the man by the neck with one hand, the other lashing out to snatch up the lightsaber.  In the same movement, he brought the lightsaber up behind the man's neck, close enough to sear the skin and hair.

The force user yelped, completely overtaken by fear as he found himself nearly immediately disarmed and centimeters from certain death. His wide eyes rolled up some, seeming to search wildly for the figure behind him. "W-What are you!?" he panted.

The lightsaber inched a little closer, but then a dark voice murmured thoughtfully, "What am I?"

He let go of the force user and shoved him forward, holding the lightsaber out in front of himself as he turned it over in his hands. "What am I?" he mused, not seeming confused, more like he was toying with what they both knew were the force user's last few moments.

After a long pause, his gaze snapped up, the glow of the red lightsaber throwing an eerie shadow on his face as he peered at the force user through the bits of dirty white hair that had fallen in front of his face. His black eyes seemed to pierce through the short distance between them, locked in a deadly stare on the force user. His grin had shifted to a subtle morbid smile.

"I'm not the man you so brutally kicked around. I am not the man you almost killed. I wear his face, I wear his armor, and I have his name. But I am not that man. I am no man at all. I am the darkness that lives inside him. A darkness he tries so desperately to suppress. I'm a part of him just like all the rest of his DNA, though. I'm no man, and I'm no monster. I'm far worse than both."

He paused, lifting the lightsaber some as he took a menacing step forward, his lips curling back up into a wicked grin.

"I am the demon within."

The force user froze at that, body rigid.

He didn't hesitate for a moment, though. As he ended his final answer, he spun the lightsaber easily in his hand as if it were a normal sword, and without a second thought, drove it straight through the force user's chest. His smile dropped, the gleam grew dull but something darker and more demonic burned in his eyes. A hatred, an evil that could not be denied or masked.

The force user saw it, his eyes widening before he slipped backward, the life going from his eyes. The lightsaber was turned off and dropped beside the body.

Then two armored knees hit the ground, blood spattering the soil as the lone survivor sank down. A soft moan of pain escaped bloody lips, and the metallic and salty taste became vile again as pain wrapped its talons around his body. Black eyes faded to hazel, before softly closing in defeat. Battered and bloody, he lay there unmoving, yet fully aware of everything. A few silent tears dripped down the bloody face, guilt washing over him.

Before unconsciousness could slip in to take it's turn, though, black eyes cracked open once more. The sound of footsteps in the soil, voices from afar. Raising his head, his eyes scanned the horizon hazily. He saw a few heads appear over the ridge, people running towards them.

He stood up, shoulders hunched to the dull pain still ringing in his body. Voices calling him, shouting for him. He looked over his shoulder, catching sight of Chaos.

"What's going on? Are you alright? What happened?"

The sound was faint, a little distant, but brimming with worry. He simply snarled, coughing, then once more tasted the blood in his mouth, remembering his victory.

"Hey, are you alright? What happened, I need you to tell me."

He turned towards the voice now, his head down some as warm blood ran down his chin. His lips curled back into a smile. He cracked his eyes and looked up at Chaos, the darkness fully in control.

There was a soft curse hissed, then Chaos voice came clearer now, "What on earth, Creed? What is this? What do I do? Creed, how do I fix this?"

He paused, shaking his head a moment before a dark chuckle escaped his lips.

"You cannot save me now."

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