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SOLITARY CONFINEMENT was definitely lonely. Phoenix had been in there for almost a year, unaware of what was going on in the world of the Ark. She had supervised visits from her older sister, Aya, and her friend Raven, where they would give her small things to tinker around with. Little did the guards know that she was actually using them to make weapons.

The thing about Phoenix was, she hardly spoke a word to anyone after her dad and mom died, or rather, were floated by the Chancellor of the Ark. It was much similar to the reason she was arrested. Because she was born, found hiding in the air ducts during an surprise inspection. She recieved solitary because of what she had done years after she was found.

She knew today was the day as they weren't allowing any visitors. Her bra held a small knife within its padding, her boots tucking away one that was larger. Phoenix's wavy hair has been pulled into a French braid, ready to fight her way out of solitary, even if it meant she would get floated when she turned eighteen in four months.

She heard the door to her room open, but was left no time to react as three guards walked in. One approached her and roughly grabbed her arm, causing her to pull back. No, she still had a few months didn't she? The guard instructed her to be still while another one clamped a wrist band down on her wrist. She let out a small noise of pain as the prongs of the bracelet dug deep down into her skin.

The one that held onto her arm spun her around, putting her hands behind her back as they escorted her out of her room. Phoenix looked around as she saw faces of people and kids she didn't know, that she had never met before. Her heart began to race as she ran through all the possibilities of what was going to happen. Where they going to kill everyone in lock up to save oxygen? Or were they just going to kill them for their crimes?

Panic almost set in as the guards pushed Phoenix forward, a blue jacket being shoved into her hands. She had been lined up with others, being forced to put the jacket on as the line slowly moved forward. Where were they taking them? The brunette recognized no one as she glanced around the line, but she figured that's what happens when you grow up hiding in the air ducts or being locked up in the skybox since you were ten.

Phoenix had no knowledge of the Ark, or even Earth. Raven and Aya brought text books for her to read, but she hardly touched them. She wanted to be in a real class, not teach herself. Sure, when she was out of normal books to read and utterly bored she would pick one up and skim through it. The only textbook she ever really stuck with were the ones that taught her how to design and make whatever she felt like. It was no doubt Phoenix was creative, making keychains and dream catchers, all of which were left behind in her first cell. In solitary, she had moved into making sculptures based off pictures she had seen in the textbooks.

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