A Jealous Heart (Lucas)

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Mingyu stared at himself in the mirror, winking at his dashing reflection before heading out for class.

Mingyu stared at himself in the mirror, winking at his dashing reflection before heading out for class

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He wanted to look his best today... for you.  Usually he wore graphic tees and ripped jeans, but today, he don a white collared shirt and had even made the effort to style his hair.  He could already picture your reaction.

Meanwhile, Lucas was looking over the texts you two had exchanged on the walk to his first morning class.  He had met you when you were assigned to work together as chemistry lab partners.  He was kinda clumsy, so he always let you do the lab work while he took care of the calculations and the report.  It was a good dynamic.  But what Lucas hoped was that he could be more than just a classmate to you.  He was in awe of how smart you were and how you didn't care what other people thought of you and your opinions.  Like one time, some guy littered, and you had actually given them a piece of your mind and launched into a huge speech about preserving what's left of the environment.  Lucas was whipped.

You took your usual spot in class, playing a new game on your phone you were addicted to.  You didn't even realize when Lucas walked in and quietly took a seat next to you.  He was definitely very outgoing and expressive, but today, he was more than nervous, barely able to open his mouth to say "hi."

"Did you, um, do the homework?" Lucas asked while mentally face palming.  Of course you had done the homework.  You were basically the smartest person in the class aside from the teacher.

"Yeah," you laughed.  "Did you?"

"Yep," he smiled nervously.  

"Y/N!!" you heard someone yell your name from the front of the room, and a smile brighter than the sun lit up your face.  

"Mingyu!" you waved him over to where you were sitting.  "Whoa, what's the occasion?  Why are you so dressed up?"  

"Meet me out front at 4 pm, and you'll find out," he winked, and you sighed.  Impatience would be your downfall.

4 pm came too quickly for you and too slowly for Lucas.  He had been anxious all day to see what Mingyu had planned.  Lucas was crossing his fingers, hoping that he wasn't planning on asking you out.  Sure, you and Mingyu were friends, but Lucas wanted to be your boyfriend.  He just hadn't worked up the courage to ask you yet.

Mingyu stood at the front of the school like he had promised. 

"What's the surprise?  You know I don't like waiting," you giggled, poking his side.

Mingyu laughed.  "Well, um, I wanted to ask you out.  We've been friends forever, and I'm not sure when those feelings turned more intense, but I want to date you."

Lucas staggered backwards, unable to process Mingyu's words

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Lucas staggered backwards, unable to process Mingyu's words.  Even more, he didn't want to hear your answer.  Without knowing where he was going, he began running.  He felt like he was being run over by a truck, and every time he remembered Mingyu confidently asking you out, Lucas felt like he was being punched in the heart.  If only he could have confessed sooner.  Even worse, he would have to see you tomorrow in chemistry lab, and he'd have to pretend to be okay.  

You placed your hands on your hips, pouting at your friend.  "Mingyu, you know I really like Lucas.  Why would you suddenly ask me out?" 

Mingyu shook his head.  "Shhh, don't worry.  It's all a part of my big plan.  You have to play along, okay?  Trust me on this."

You shrugged before turning around to talk to Lucas, but he had disappeared.  "Where'd he go?" you asked.

Mingyu placed a hand on your shoulder.  "He went somewhere to confront his feelings."

None of what Mingyu was saying made sense, but you knew your friend wouldn't backstab you, so you had no choice but to trust him.

The next day, you showed up to chemistry lab early, checking your makeup on your phone's camera before Lucas arrived.  And when he did, you felt your heart start pounding.  He looked more handsome than ever.  His hair had  been styled by the wind on his walk here, but it looked perfect nonetheless.  Your heart twisted in its cavern when he flashed you a small smile.  When did you fall so hard for this guy?

"Hey, how's your day going so far?" you asked as you pulled on your gloves.

Lucas didn't look at you.  "Fine."

"Um, you excited for today's lab?"

He turned to face you.  "Not really.  I'm not feeling well, so can we not talk today?"

You nodded, "Sure.  Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

Lucas felt like his body was on fire.  He wanted to smash all the vials in front of him.  "So, you're dating Mingyu?  How's that going?"

You stared at his eyes that looked like orbs of fire that bubbled with anger.

"Good..."  You weren't sure what you were supposed to do.  All Mingyu had told you was to play along.  You cursed mentally.  What was your friend's stupid plan?

Lucas smiled.  "That's great.  I'm glad it's going well," he lied.  His head throbbed, and his heart thumped faster as he stole a glance at you.  

"You really don't look like you're feeling well-"

"WHY WOULD YOU CARE?!" Lucas finally exploded, and he grabbed his things and left, leaving you in total shock.  You didn't remember saying anything wrong, yet you felt like you had broken him somehow.

After chemistry lab, you stormed across the campus to find Kim Mingyu.  

"Your stupid plan didn't do anything!  In fact, now Lucas treats me like garbage.  Thanks a lot!"

Mingyu laughed.  "Perfect.  Y/N, Lucas isn't mad.  He's jealous.  If I'm not wrong, you could expect a confession from your dream boy in a few days.  You're welcome."

"Wait what?"  You thought about the way Lucas had looked at you today.  Plus, he had brought up Mingyu asking you out.  Maybe he was jealous!

So for the next handful of days, you kept a low profile.  In lab, you barely talked to him, busying yourself with the experiments.  It was after class one day that he pulled you aside. 

"Y/N, I know you're dating Mingyu, but there's something I want to tell you.  I don't want to make you feel burdened or anything, but I want to get it off my chest.  I think telling you myself would help me move on.  I really like you.  I've been crushing on you all school year, and I'm super sad Mingyu could ask you out before I could.  But don't get me wrong.  I'm wishing all the best for your current relationship.  That's all."

You could see his bottom lip trembling and immediately felt so bad.  You shouldn't have waited for him to run to you, but you should have confronted him yourself.  Mingyu's plan had worked, but you could tell Lucas had been so hurt.  You wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a hug.  

"Don't move on.  Don't go anywhere.  Mingyu and I aren't dating.  He was just trying to get you to confess to me." 

Lucas gripped you even tighter.  "Really?  Wow, I feel really bad now," he laughed.  "I'm sorry for snapping at you."

"No, I should be sorry for making someone with such a good heart so jealous."


A/N: Thanks SehunWonhoMingyuWife for requesting a jealous Lucas imagine!  I really had fun with this because I've been in my feelings recently, so it was nice getting it out of my system while writing this.

Question of the imagine: This is totally unrelated to the imagine, but if you had a day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?  For me, I think it would be to gather all my friends up and drive to the beach.  :)

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