Seven; Nakey!

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So, she did fucking plan this. She knew what was going to happen to me. She knew how I would fall into this lifestyle like a hole, and she even made sure that nothing can mess it up.

"B-bu-baf-baka-w-what-t?" Jessica laughed.

"Calm down, cutie. Everything is under control. You and your sister are safe. How about we get you a bottle, hmm?" I bottle? Like a baby bottle? I am not a fucking baby!

"No!" I yelled at the idiot. She just carefully sat me on her desk and made a pointed look, telling me to cut it out.

"Excuse me?" She said dominantly, and I pouted.

"I no want no bottle." I cried lightly as she kissed my forehead.

"Now, why is that?"

"I'm not a baby." I put my face in my hands so she couldn't see how embarrassed I was. She gently pulled them down.

"Oh, I know, cutie pie. What about a big girl bottle? I can put you some apple juice in it. How's that?" I guess that will work. I am a big girl and some juice sounds amazing right now. I smiled and nodded my head excitedly. Jessica let out a muffled laugh.

"You have three options. I can put you in the crib until I get back. I can fasten you into the changing table until I get back. You can come with me. Which one do you want, lovely?"

"Me come too." She smiled and sat me on her hip.

"Okay, Sophie." I likes that nickname. Very few people ever use it. She carried me back into the main room and I tried to sink into her. I squished myself against her and hoped that nobody saw me. She carried me into a kitchen like room and tried to lay me on a counter. I didn't let go. I didn't want to be alone right now.

"What's wrong, cutie? Are you okay?" She kept holding me since I wouldn't let go. She slid me around to her belly and kept her hands on my butt to keep me from falling. People kept walking in and out of the room, and I looked so stupid. I was only wearing a diaper and sports bra. I felt naked and exposed and stupid. I felt so fucking stupid. I cried and tried to pull myself closer to get. I didn't want to be here. I wanted to melt into her so that nobody saw me. She walked to the corner, so I was hidden. She was blocking me from the rest of the room.

"Now, tell me what's wrong, baby?" She brushed my hair with her fingers.

"M-me look stu-stupid!" I tried to quietly cry, and hugged her waist, hiding me face in her boob.

"Of course not! You look beautiful! Why would you think you look stupid?"

"I l-look nakey! A-and a di-diapee a-and nooooo." I cried harder and she hugged me closely.

"Do you want me to put you in a little dress? That way, nobody will see you, babygirl." I nodded, crying in her shirt.

She smells so good and she is so warm. I could sleep here.

Before I knew it, I was asleep in her arms.

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