Tis the season

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It was Christmas break which meant one thing, Christmasssss!  I liked Halloween but I loved Christmas. I couldn't wait to decorate the tree, make cookies, watch Christmas shows. We also go sledding too.

Dad put up the tree. Most people like real trees but I don't. I prefer artificial trees. They don't die and I don't have to worry about the needles. They hurt when you step on them.

Antonio came by and helped with decorating as did Wade and Adrian.  My friends and boyfriend came to help me except Cole kept taking Wade from me.

Finally I took him back.

I found them in the kitchen kissing and walked over, "Excuse me but Wade is here to help me," I said grabbing Wade's hand and dragging him back to the tree, breaking their kiss.

Luke laughed.

"You would think now that everyone knows this would be easier," Cole said to him.

"Bro, it's Rain. When has anything been easier?"

"Good point," he scoffed as they went into the living room.

We got the tree decorated and I looked at Wade, "okay you can go back to kissing."

Luke and Cole tried not to laugh as Antonio and Adrian smirked.

"Rain you're something else," Wade sigh as he walked over to Cole.

Antonio pulled me close and gave me a kiss. Dad walked in and looked at the tree, "nice job."  Then he saw the kissing and shook his head as he chuckled.

After the tree, we all settled in and watched Christmas movies. I loved Christmas.

Cole's POV

I was never a fan of the holidays but because of Rain it was hard not to be. She enjoyed them which made us enjoy them. Plus, since I met Wade, I enjoyed them a lot more.

While everyone was busy, we went back to his house. I liked his parents. They were pretty cool and not judgment whatsoever.  When Wade introduced me to them, they welcomed me with open arms.

Most parents would have an issue if their kid brought home someone with a bunch of tattoos. They didn't. In fact when I told them why I got them, they liked them even more.

We hung out making cookies and all that stuff that went with it. Between Rain and Wade, I was going to be cookie out. I like cookies but not all the time.

His mom helped us as we all talked.

"So, any plans after school, Cole," she asked me.

"I plan on working with special needs children. I'm going to school for early childhood development," I said frosting a cookie.

"I think that's lovely, you want to do something like that," she smiled.

"Yeah my parents are happy. Luke is going to school to be a special education teacher," I added as I decorated a cookie.  I looked at it. Well, good think I'm not a decorator because I really suck at this.

I watched Wade and he had a knack for it. I gave him a look.  He looked at me, "what?"

I just looked at him.

"Okay, fine.  I like to bake to relax."

"You going to school for baking?"

"No," he looked at me confused.  "I'm going to be a teacher."

"Well, hopefully you can cook," I said to him.

"Cooking?  No. Baking?  Hell yeah," he grinned as I chuckled.

"Good thing I can cook or you'll starve my ass," I smirked.

His mom laughed as we continued to frost cookies. I looked at my phone and noticed the time. I needed to go. I got up and gave Wade a kiss, "leaving?" He looked at me confused.

"Yeah, I got to take care of something," I said as I left. Something important.

Wade's POV

I didn't understand. Cole finally told me we could spend the entire day together then cuts it short. I get why is seeing each other was brief before because his family didn't really know about him or us but they know now.

All I wanted for Christmas was one whole day together. I even told him I didn't want anything gift wise, just one day together. He said he today would be our day and he leaves.

I know Rain takes a lot of time and I love her to death but I also wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. Does that make me selfish? Probably. Maybe I just had to face reality that Cole just had too much to deal with.

I went back to frosting cookies by myself. Yay for Christmas.

After I got done, I packaged all of them in containers. I was giving everyone a container of cookies that they liked as a gift. I prefer to give something homemade than store bought. To me it means more.

I sat there looking at the boxes and saw the snow fall. I sighed. Most people get to spend this with someone they love and here I was spending it with a bunch of cookies.

There was a knock at the door. I went answered it to find Adrian standing there. I looked at him. He gave me a look and then I cried. He held out his arms as I gave him a hug. Mom must have called him.

The thing about Adrian, is he was my best friend. So was Antonio. Any time I was upset, mom would call them and they would come over and hang out. This is why I chose to come out to them.

When I did, they never judged. They didn't treat me different and both of them kicked people's asses when someone said something to me. If you ever get friends like that, hold onto them.

Adrian and I hung out, then someone knocked on the door. I got up and answered it to find Antonio standing there. He held up ice cream. They know me way too well.

"I thought you were with Rain," I asked him.

"I was but she has family stuff, so now I'm here with my best friend, along with my other best friend," he said handing me a carton of ice cream. "Heads up Adrian," he said tossing a carton to him. He reached up and caught it.

"Thanks Tony," he said as opened the container.

I grabbed some spoons and gave them each one. Yeah we may be guys but even we like our ice cream. Plus, the way I was feeling, I just needed my best friends at the moment.

Let's face it, no matter what, I was going to compete with everything else when it came to Cole. The worst part was I was in love with him and I couldn't even tell him. Yep Christmas sucks right now.

Seems Cole and Wade hit a slight bump. Cole has been a bit secretive. Wonder what he's up to? Guess you will have to wait for part 2 to find out.

Now I'm going to hide.

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