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The ride to the hospital was disturbing, to say the least. We took my car (no one wanted to mess up their seats); Todd and Corinna rode with me while Zane and Brandon trailed behind us. Corinna was driving while Todd held my hand, guiding me through the "hee hee hoo" breathing.

The traffic was what really got us. I was gushing mucus-y liquid and cringing from the amount of pain I was in while sitting still on the freeway. Only I would go into labor during rush hour. Of course.

It got to the point where Todd was googling how to deliver a baby while I was quite literally screaming at the pain of being ripped open. I was a small girl, not blessed with German birthing hips, and I was wholly terrified something was about to break or pop.

"Can't you drive any faster?" I said through gritted teeth, squeezing Todd's hand to the point that it probably could've broken. "Get in the fucking emergency lane! My baby is fucking coming!"

We decided, five minutes away from the hospital, that Todd should check to see what it looked like down there. I wanted to know if he could see anything, since to me it felt like he would be able to. Corinna didn't mind, and I wasn't that worried about anyone seeing my vagina at that point, so I hoisted my legs up and let him get a look.

"Oh my fucking god," Todd half gagged, his face turning white and his grip suddenly becoming a little looser. "I think I can fucking see it. Corinna, you need to go."

We made it to the hospital in under two minutes, Todd clutching onto my hand the entire way. He seemed to recover from the original trauma of seeing my baby coming out of me, and now he was being very supportive. It made me feel a little better that I had no clue where the hell David was.

Brandon was supposed to be the one finding David, but Brandon was in the other car and David hadn't texted me or anything, so I genuinely had no clue if he would be there for the birth of our son.

The nurses got me into a room immediately after seeing the baby was already on its way and informed me that it was too late for an epidural. I was going to have to do it on my own. All I wanted to do was cry, but of course, that's when David came bursting through the door. He was always there to save me.

"I'm here!" David rushed into the room, sweaty hair matted to his forehead and his hands shaking with nerves. His face was pale and distorted and I almost thought he was going to pass out. Seeing me, in the bed with Todd holding my hand tightly to keep me calm, must've cooled him off. His face went back to its normal color and he placed a light kiss on my glistening forehead. "Are you okay, babe?"

"No," I answered immediately, my right hand finding David's while my left squeezed the life out of Todd's. "No. The traffic was so bad. It took so long to get here and I can't have my epidural. It's crowning; he's crowning, or about to crown, or something. I'm about to push."

"Oh, you've got this, babe," David scoffed, waving it off like it was nothing. "Easy peasy."

My mascara covered eyes glared at him until he winced and mumbled, "Sorry."

"Should I kick him out?" Todd laughed, using his free hand to pat the top of mine.

"Maybe we need to," I responded, except my statement wasn't a joke. "Jesus, I can't believe I let him do this to me. I was so small. Now I'm gigantic and I'm about to pop a bowling ball out of me."

"Let's brighten up, sunshine," the doctor entered, patting me on the calf. "Let's have a baby, y'all! Which one of you is the father?"

"That's me," David shyly smiled, squeezing my hand as he spoke. "I'm David."

"Well, congratulations, David, you've got a brave woman in your life," she adjusted the stirrups to spread my legs wider, then looked up at me with a grin I envied. "Are you ready to push, lovely?"

"Just get him out of me," I begged, clenching my teeth as she made me shift my hips. "Please, God, just get him out of me."

"Okay, Dad, I'm going to have you count to ten as she pushes," she nodded at David in encouragement, and if the reality of the situation hadn't set in, it definitely had now. Dad. David was a dad, and I was a mom. What the hell was going on? I would've dwelled on it more, but the doctor squeezed my calf and cheered, "Push!"

David counted down from ten while I screamed my head off, squeezing David and Todd's hands for dear life. The rest of the group stayed outside the room per the doctor's request, so I couldn't yell at them. Instead, I chose to take my anger out on David, each push coming up with a new insult.

"He's got your big ass head, David," I whined after the first push, wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my arm.

The next push, I groaned, "David, I'm going to shove the baby up your ass so you know what it feels like." That one, admittedly, got a few strange looks from the nurses in the room, but I was only kidding. Kind of.

The third push, I snapped, "Your dick is never coming near me again." He laughed at that one, kissing my forehead and encouraging me to keep pushing it was sweet.

For the fourth and final push, I went with the classic, "I fucking hate you, David Dobrik!" which seemed to do the trick. The second I heard the cries of our baby, it was all over. My anger was replaced with pure joy as the slightly purple, slimy baby was placed on my bare chest. Cradling his little, tiny, baby head, I was nothing but in love.

It was silent in the room—to me, at least. The doctor and her nurses were congratulating me on a healthy baby boy and trying to clean me up. Todd was saying something about how he was an uncle. David was asking me if I should say the name or him. None of it mattered. Looking down at my baby boy, I realized none of it mattered. The only thing that mattered anymore was keeping him safe and happy.

"Remember when I said I loved you more than anyone in the world?" I interrupted him, dazed but happy. He furrowed his brows and nodded, his finger already covered by our baby's tiny hand.


"I lied," I smiled in contentment, rubbing my index finger up and down our little boy's back. "I completely fucking lied."

yeah. yeah thats the end. im crying. i love sloane and david <3 literally its so bittersweet to finish this book, it was one of my favorites to write i really love the story line!!! goodbye faking it, you will be missed

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