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Inside a luxurious hospital room, a young lady was sleeping, no, she was actually comatosed for a year already and yet she's still not waking up. Her light purple hair enhances her porcelain-like skin and cherry red lips. Her beauty, as they say, is unparalleled by no other. However, if she will not wake up any time soon she would eventually whither like a dying flower.

A middle-aged nurse was busy checking the patient's vitals when suddenly Celestine's eyes opened. She turned her head to the busy nurse with confusion written all over her face. Where am I? Why is that woman wearing weird clothing? Aren't I supposed to be dead?

The unknowing nurse felt goosebumps all over her body, it's as if someone is watching her. Her face paled and she slowly turned her head when she heard someone spoke behind her. Is it a ghost?

"Who are you? Am I in heaven? Are you here to kill me?" Celestine was behind the woman already when the nurse turned her head and they faced each other.

A loud scream echoed all throughout the room and the hallway and a loud thud followed seconds later. Celestine looked at the collapsed nurse with shock and disbelief. Why did she collapse? Do I look hideous or something?


It was a miracle. Yes, a miracle indeed. Doctor Smith was an atheist but when she looked at the patient in room five, she somehow believed that maybe a Creator, a Supreme Being really exist up there. The patient's recovery was unexpected and utterly impossible. They can't even explain the reason behind all of this. Nevertheless, they are thankful for it.

Celestine de Merville looked at the strange looking woman in front of her with curiosity. Somehow, she got transmigrated inside a woman's body that has the same name and physical features as hers in the past. Though she's currently in a different world called Earth and she's residing in a country called New Lionheart. Unfortunately, other than these information, she absolutely knows nothing. How pitiful indeed!

After checking the patient for the last time, Doctor Smith exited the room together with the two nurses.

Celestine was already wearing a beautiful sundress (that's what they called it) and though she does not want to wear this indecent dress that barely covers her arms and legs, however, she has no other choice because this is what her 'Mom' wanted her to wear.

Her mother, Amelia de Merville, was still busy packing her things together with the four female servants while her Dad was outside to answer an urgent call. Dozens of guards were scattered within the hospital's vicinity and even outside her room for their safety.

Luckily, her family was very rich so she has no problems with anything that she needs.

"Mom, where is older brother?" Instead of calling her parents 'mother' and 'father', she now calls them 'Mom' and 'Dad' which is kind of informal for her. Amelia turned to her daughter with a confused look. How did she know she has an older brother? She knows that her beloved daughter has amnesia so how did she know?

Upon seeing her Mom's confused look, Celestine mentally slapped herself. "I... I saw on your c-cellphone our family picture and I thought the man beside me is my older brother." Celestine sighed in relief when her mother nodded in understanding. "Your brother is still in a court meeting in the Whitelion Palace together with the Emperor and other high-ranking nobles."

The servants were already done packing so they bowed their head towards the pair before exiting their young mistress' room to give them privacy.

Celestine's mouth formed an O when she realized it is quite similar to her past country called Lionheart Empire. Why am I transmigrated here and why is everything so similar from my past? She squinted her eyes when she suddenly felt dizzy while groaning painfully. Amelia quickly ran to her daughter's side and sat beside her while supporting her body. "What's wrong, sweetie? Are you in pain? Should I call the doctor?"

Celestine shook her head and said 'no'. "I'm all right, Mom. I just feel a little bit dizzy but I can manage it."

"Are you sure?" Her mother asked with concern apparent on her voice. Celestine nodded with a reassuring smile plastered on her face. Amelia sighed but did not ask further.

"It must have been very hard for you, sweetie. But don't worry we will help you. Your father already hired someone that will teach you everything you have forgotten." She kissed Celestine's forehead before continuing. "Our country, by the way, is ruled by an absolute monarch, the Lionheart clan. Our current Emperor is His Majesty, Kyrios Alexander Lionheart. He's- are you alright? Why do you look so pale, sweetie?"

Celestine was trembling and sweating uncontrollably when her mother mentioned the name of her husband, no, her murderer. Why is fate so cruel? Can't she have peace on her second life? I promise I will never hurt nor bully anyone in this lifetime. I will be a good daughter and friend. Just please don't let me die again in Kyrios' hands. Please!

She stopped trembling when she felt her mom's warm hug. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

Celestine shook her head and said nothing as she let herself drown in her Mom's warmth. I will never love you again Kyrios. Not in this lifetime nor the next.

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