Fun Things To Do In A Classroom

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1.) Wear handcuffs to class, come in late, then say "Sorry, I just had to break out of prison first."

2.) When the teacher gives you work to do, say you can't do it because it's against your religion.

3.) Go to the teacher, get close to his/her ear like you're about to whisper, but then yell "CAN I GO MAKE POOPIES IN THE TOILET?!?!"

4.) Ask to go to the bathroom. If the teacher says you can't go, say "Fine, I guess I have no choice then." then make weird faces like you're busy crapping your pants in your desk.

5.) Walk to the front of class, but fall over and pretend that someone tripped you.

6.) When the teacher finishes a sentence, get the whole class to stand up and applaud them.

7.) Tell the teacher to prepare for evacuating the school, because you're gonna pull the fire alarm.

8.) When the teacher asks a question, get everyone to put their hands up, and make sure when people get picked that they must say "I forgot what I was gonna say".

9.) If you're late for class and your teacher is yelling at you, say "There's no need to be yelling, you still get paid".

10.) Stare at the teacher and look all serious like. When the teacher notices you staring and stares back, yell "WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME?!?!"

11.) Stand up and go to the front of the class and introduce yourself loudly and clearly (even if everybody already knows you). Tell everybody that you've been an alcoholic for 3 years now... and when they respond, act confused and say you thought the class was Alcoholics Anonymous.

12.) Ask your teacher what he/she really wanted to do in life instead of being a teacher.

13.) Hold your head as if it hurts, then tell the teacher that the voices in your head are arguing with each other.

14.) Get everyone to raise their hands and ask to go to the bathroom at the exact same time. Make sure that they do this EVERY single time the teacher asks the class a question where he/she wants them to raise their hands.

15.) When there's no noise at all in class, raise your hand and insist that it's too loud and you can't concentrate so you can't do your work.

16.) Make a map of the class and then use it whenever you need to go get something. (Look lost)

17.) During a test, raise your hand and point at someone on the other end of the room, as far away from you as possible. Insist that that person is using mindreading abilities to cheat off your test.

18.) Tell your teacher that your classes are useless for your future job. When they ask what you wanna do, say "I'm gonna be a pimp."

19.) Bring a chocolate with you, then run to the bathroom and smear the chocolate all over your hand. Then go back to class and say "there wasn't any toilet paper".

20.) Get several people in class to laugh whenever the teacher isn't looking, then instantly stop and act normal whenever he/she turns around.

21.) Ask to go to the bathroom, then get up and run into the wall and pretend like you fainted. Stay there on the floor until someone comes to check on you. Then just get up and go to the bathroom like nothing had happened.

22.) Ask the teacher if he/she finds sick pleasure in tormenting innocent children.

23.) When someone talks over the PA, shout "I'm hearing those voices again!!!"

24.) If you're having a test and the teacher is walking around, cover your test and glare at the teacher in a suspicious manner. Later on, raise your hand and accuse the teacher of cheating off of you.

25.) If the teacher asks you where your homework is, say you thought they were joking when they assigned the homework.

26.) When your teacher has finished explaining a really long chapter or something, put up your hand, and say "I'm sorry, can you repeat everything you just said? I wasn't paying attention"

27.) When the teacher's facing the board, have everyone quietly move their desks a tiny bit forward, and if the teacher turns around stop immediately. Rinse and repeat and see how close you can get to the front of the class.

28.) Face the person next to you and have a conversation. When they answer, yell "I wasn't talking to you! Now Bob, where were we?"

29.) When a teacher tells you what homework to do, ask "Will we get paid?"

30.) Get the whole class to agree to switch names when a new student comes to class, confusing him/her.

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