Learning new things

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Antonio told me he had some place special to take me. He also said to dress warm. He told me Luke, Cole, Wade, Adrian and Adrian's girlfriend Sylvia was coming. A girl was meeting Luke there. I didn't know her but he said he would introduce me.

Antonio arrived and picked me up. We drove to a place and it had ice. Ice skating. I didn't know how to ice skate. He pulled into the parking lot and got out. I followed behind him and walked towards the rink. I stood there.

"Rain, it's okay," he assured me.

"I don't know how to ice skate," I said looking at the ice.

"Do you trust me?"

I looked at him.

"Give it a try. What do you have to loose?"

"What if I fall," I asked worriedly.

"What if you sail," he smiled. "Rain, I know new things scare you but trust me. I won't let you fall." I looked at him and took his hand. He led me to the rentals and put a pair on my feet.

He tightened the laces before putting on his own skates. He helped me up and I fell forward with him catching me.

"See, I told you I would catch you," he assured me me. I wasn't so sure about this.

He stepped onto the ice and I held onto his hands as I made my way onto the ice. He held my hands as I slowly moved my feet.

"Good. You're doing good," he reassured me. I moved little by little. I didn't want to fall.

As we moved slowly on the ice, everyone else made their way onto the ice, skating around. At one point they saw me and my brothers thought it would be a cute idea to have some fun with me.

They skated over and took me from Antonio.

"Luke! Cole! What are you doing?!"
I screamed.

"Having some fun," Luke chuckled.

"I'm going to fall," I screamed.

"Rain, you're not going to fall," Cole told me as held onto me as they skated around the rink.

"Just follow us," Luke said as I started moving with them. They held onto me as I skated in between them then I didn't realize they let go of me.

I glided across the ice slowly, trying to keep my balance. This was fun. I went to look at them and realize I was alone. I slid to a stop and stood there.

I looked around to see people skating and I watched them, realizing that no one was laughing. No one was calling me names. No one hurt me. I looked up and that's when I saw it. A rainbow. It just appeared out of nowhere.

"What's she doing," Adrian asked.

"She's finally seeing what the rest of us see," Antonio told him.

They all watched me as I raised my hands and smiled. I was around people and they weren't mean. I was just like them. Finally.

Then I lost my footing and felt someone catch me. I turned to see Antonio who was smiling.

"You caught me," I said surprised.

"I told you I would," he said with a reassuring smile.  He helped me stand straight up. Then he took both of my hands as he started moving. I followed him as we skated. Then he let one hand go, as he held my hand. We glided across the ice.

For my first time ice skating, I never fell once. Antonio wouldn't let me. 

Then after a while, we moved towards the doorway and stepped off the ice. He helped me with my skates and I put my boots on as he did the same.  We returned the skates to the rental place and he slid his hand into mine as we went back to the car.

Once inside, he put on the heat and drove us away from the skating rink.  As we drove, I noticed we weren't going to my house.

"Where are we going?  This isn't the way to my house," I said to him confused.

"Because we aren't going to your house. We're going to mine," he said.

"Oh."  I sat there quietly.  I didn't like this but I needed to remember what Antonio told me. We have to try new things.  At least once.

He pulled into a driveway. We got out and he reassured me it was okay.  He said his parents were expecting me.

I held onto his arm, with a firm grip as we went into the house. We were met by a woman and man who looked to be my parents age.  She had dark hair and brown eyes. He had grey hair and blue eyes. He was tall like Antonio and they looked like each other.  She looked petite.

"Rain it's so good to meet you.  I am Antonio's mother, Marta," she smiled nicely at me.

"You have a nice smile," I commented.

"Thank you. So do you," she returned the compliment.

"I'm Antonio Sr.  But you can call me Tony," he spoke in a thick accent.

"You're not from here," I said to him in amazement.

"No. I'm from Italy," he admitted.

"You sound funny," I said as he looked at me a bit surprised.

"Rain, has never met anyone from another country," Antonio told them.


I looked at them then around. I let go of Antonio and walked over to the pictures. I looked at every picture. I liked pictures they reminded me of puzzles.

"You like the pictures," his mom asked me.

"Oh, yes. Pictures are like a puzzle. You put them together and you get a bigger picture," I said to her.  "Like these show happiness, these show fun, these show Antonio when he was small. I like them."

"I'm going to take Rain home before Colton and Lia worry," Antonio suggested.

"Oh, I thought we could have cake," his mom told him disappointed.

"I like cake," I said as I walked away and wandered around their house until I yelled, "Antonio! Where's the cake?!"

His parents laughed as he sighed. He walked around the corner, "Rain, the cake is in the kitchen. You're in the den."

"I like her," his mom told his dad.

"I do too. We better get that poor girl cake before she gives Antonio a hard time," he said as they went into the kitchen.

We had cake and Antonio told my parents. They were fine with me staying to have some cake. Marta and Tony talked to me and I told them all about My Little Pony. They listened to me. I also told them how I met real My Little Ponies and couldn't wait to go back.

We talked for a while and then Antonio took me home. I think the thing I liked the most about today was the cake. It was really good. Nice and moist, not dry like most cakes. There was frosting which was my favorite part.

I really hope Antonio takes me back to his house again so we can have cake. That would be so cool.

Rain finally met Antonio's parents. I think they won her over with cake. Rain will become more accustomed to his parents as she sees them more. Baby steps.

Get ready because we have Christmas coming along with some things planned. Expect a sweet, funny chapter next.

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