Chapter 1! Ears and Tails!

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Not all humans were created equally. 80% of the population had a power that they call quirks. Quirks usually take 4-5 years to develop. The other 20% isn't so fortunate. 20% of the population were born with no quirks so the quirks never developed. Izuku was one of the fortunate people that were born with a quirk. Izuku's case was different tho. He didn't have to wait for it to develop he was born with it.

(3rd POV)

In the quiet chilled night a baby was being born. The parents only wanted a female and would not accept a male. When they had finally found out what gender the baby was it was born and was a male. They wrapped the baby up and left him at the edge of the forest. The baby was a little boy with green hair with black highlights. He had little wolf ears and a wolf tail. The baby was crying for someone to take care of him. There was a grumpy hobo looking man whom was attracted to the cries. When he arrived he could tell the baby was just born. The man lifted the baby up and headed in the direction of the prestigious school called Yueii.  

(Aizawa's POV)

I had heard the cries of a baby near the forest. Why would a baby be near the forest unless it was abandoned. I rushed over to check it out. I was to tired for any of this. When I tracked down the source of the cries I found a baby with green wolf ears. I could tell he was just born today also. I picked him up and headed my way back to Yueii to see what Nezu would say. When I got there I went to the infirmary to give Recovery girl the baby. She had worry in her eyes as I handed her the baby. I told her I was gonna go get Nezu. I left and headed to the principal's office. When I got to the door I knocked and heard a fant 'come in'. I walked in and saw All Might sitting in a chair across from Nezu and drinking tea. I then looked Nezu and said seriously, "Nezu I need to show you something if you may please follow. All Might if you want to come to you may." I than left the room and heard shuffling behind me. The door closed as I walked farther down the hall. I got to the infirmary and saw Recovery girl had taken care of the baby. The baby was sleeping peacefully on an infant's hospital bed. Nezu and All Might had entered the room expecting to see a bad bloody mess. When they seen the baby they looked worried at first then changed their expressions to serious. They looked towards me and said, "What are we gonna do with him and whom is going to take care of them." They said it simultaneously so it was hard to understand. I looked at them and we needed to think about it overnight.

(Timeskip brought to you by:

Don't question it I felt like it)

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Don't question it I felt like it)

We had figured out whom would take care of Izuku the name we choose for the baby and that was supposed to be me.

(Major Time Skip 15 years Sorry For So Many Brought To You By:

(Major Time Skip 15 years Sorry For So Many Brought To You By:

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I just got to get to some plot of the story)

Izuku's POV

I was training my body and my quirk to do my best in the Yueii entrance exams. I had been training hard since being 5 years of age. I have more than one quirk also. I had been born with my quirk which was named Wolf. Wolf caused me to be born with wolf ears and a tail. My fur color on my ears and tail were mint green with black highlights. I also have the ability to change my form into a wolf.

(Exactly like this no changes

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(Exactly like this no changes.)

I also had the quirk All Might has. One for All. I was the successor of All Might. I had a couple hours till the exam. There was always one thing that confused me about my wolf form. My eyes became a crystal blue like ice. I decided to climb the nearest tree and took a nap. When I woke up I checked the time. I was gonna be late if I didn't run. I shifted into my wolf form and took off. By the time I made it there was a guy with spiky blond hair staring at me. I was about to shift back and walk in when the spiky haired guy pet me. WTF Why did he pet me. I just sat there when a girl with brown hair also came up to me and PET ME ALSO WTF IS WITH PEOPLE AND PETTING ME. I stood up after they were done petting me and walked through the door meant for my wolf form. I had to scan my paw first which surprised them when it aloud my entrance. Once inside I shifted into my human form and started to walk to the the exam areas. While I was walking I spotted these two again. The one with the spikey hair looked at me than just turned around. The girl didn't seem to notice my glance so I just kept walking. I made it to an explication area. I sat down and was about to fall asleep but felt eyes on me. I opened my eyes and saw the blond kid again!!!! He looked away and I got up and made my way to the center of the room. I walked to a door meant for my wolf form and walked through it after confirmation. I walked up to the top and sat by Uncle Present Mic. He started talking to everyone about the exam. I looked at Uncle Present Mic with the borest look my wolf face could give. While explaining the exam still he looked at me and smiled. He petted me as he talked. Once he stopped he asked if there were any questions. A guy with blue hair shot his hand up. He then asked about the four villain the zero pointer to be exact. Uncle Present Mic explained that than the guy asked another question. He asked why I was up there with Uncle Present Mic and whom I was. He answered the question as I was another exam taker but had special privileges? or whatever he meant. After that we went to our assigned areas and got ready for the exam. I sat on the ledge next to the door waiting for the go. Uncle Present Mic yelled go and I took off as fast as I could. I didn't want to use One for All just yet so I took them out with the help of my wolf quirk. After getting 137 points I slowed down and just made sure no one was hurt. I saw a girl that looked like she hurt her ankle surrounded by villains. I destroyed the villains and helped her to the first aid area. When I got back to the center of the exam area exam takers were running and the ground was shaking. I heard cries for help so I ran as fast as I could and looked for the source. I spotted a girl that was stuck under debris. It was the girl who had  petted me earlier. I push the debris off her with the help of One for All. I got her away safely and ran back at the zero pointer. Exam takers were yelling for me to stop. I was halfway to the zero pointer when I changed to my regular form. I charged up One for All Full Coulal and jumped. Once even with its face plates I punched as hard as I could without Breaking bones. Once I landed I heard Uncle Present Mic say "TIMES UP" I was tired because I wasn't planning on using One for All. I walked out of the exam area and was about to go to Dad's classroom when I was stopped by three people. One was mister question boy, One was spikey boy, and one was the girl I helped even after petting me. I was in my wolf form so it was awkward. I backed up a couple steps and changed into my human form. I looked at them and asked, "Do you need something?"At first they were startled but then spikey hair looked at me and said, "What is your quirk cause it looks like you have two." I had to keep my second quirk quiet so I just dodged the question. "Is that even possible to have two quirks without a bad reaction within the body?" He obvious that he didn't expect that. I looked at the other two and the other guy looked at me and said, "You are good at fighting and how come you were up on the tower with Present Mic?" "Oh you mean Uncle Present Mic?" It was a slip of the tongue and I slapped my hands against my face as to face palm. I looked at the girl and see looked at me. (I looked at him and he looked at me and I looked at him.... Okay I'll stop) She said, "Thank you for helping me even when it could have costed you your life." I said, "Thank you but if you'll excuse me I need to meet up with Eraserhead." I walked away tired and sleepy from today's events.

I presented to you chapter 1 of Alpha Wolf. I tried it was just something I thought might be interesting so yea.


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