When Eren Catches You Sleeping

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You had finished your cleaning for the day and after having Captain Levi check your progress he let you off. Eren on the other hand he was much harder on. You guys were in the basement cleaning his room and when Eren said he'd go grab an extra broom upstairs you gave him a smile and nodded. When he was gone you took a deep breath and say on the edge of his bed. You had the biggest crush on him and you kept it to yourself because you were sure that Mikasa had something for him.

You had been up at damn cleaning the had because it was easier when the sun wasn't out yet. By the time the sun was high in the sky you were already finished. It was nearing lunch time and you usually took a nap during this time but you decided to skip out on it to help Eren. You felt bad for him because Heichou always seemed to be purposely making it harder on him.

As you continued to think to yourself you lost yours in your thoughts and you fell asleep with the scent of Eren at your finger tips. When Eren returns he finds you fast asleep on his bed. He smiles to himself and carefully pulls his blanket over you. He had ways found you adorable and loving because you were so optimistic yet when it came time to be serious you were the first one to fly through the air even before he could.

He watched as you sinked into his sheets and took a deep breath, "E-Eren," you said his name softly and he's surprised by how fast his heart is beating as he continues to look at you.

"Yes?" He takes the chance to reply to you, wondering what it was that you were dreaming of.

"T-thank you," you mutter in response.

His brows creased as he blinked at you," what for?"

You smiled in your sleep, "for being so wonderful."

He blushed deeply at your compliment, "but I'm not."

You beamed cutely showing of your dimples, "of course you are... That's why I like you." You breathed out softly as Eren felt as if his heart could burst with joy.

The grin on his face was evident that he felt the same way but his happiness is soon over when he hears the corporal's voice interrupt his thoughts, "Jaeger, your room better be spot- Cadet!" He shouts, his voice reverberating off the concrete walls and you instantly sat up at the sound of his voice.

"What are you doing in Jaeger's bed?!" Levi questioned.

"I-I.." You blinked trying to recall what just happened before you lowered your head and apologized, "I'm sorry, Corporal. It seems I fell asleep while helping Eren clean his room. We'll get this room cleaned right away!"

"You better," Levi scoffed under his breath and left as you rubbed your face tiredly, "Eren, why didn't you wake me?!" You whined.

He smiled and kissed your cheek, "because I like watching you sleep."

Your already flushed face from just waking up turns redder at his touch and his words, "E-Eren.."

With a laugh he takes your hand and pulls you to your feet, your chest pressed up against his, "you know you're much more honest in your sleep." He says.

"D-did I say something?" You asked worriedly, "oh, no. What did I say? Something embarrassing?"

Eren shook his head, "no, not embarrassing. Just cute. Especially the part where you said you liked me because I was wonderful." He teases as he wraps an arm sound your waist, your foreheads touching and your noses brushing against one another."

You frowned and blushed another deep shade of red as you shrunk in his embrace, "Eren."

"Why can't you just say it? 'I really, really like you, Eren,'" he tries to imitate your voice and you pout at his teasing.

"I don't sound like that."

He laughs and kisses your forehead, "okay, you're right you don't. You sound cuter. Now would you just say it?"

"I-I like you, Er-"

Your confession is stopped by his plump lips against yours, "I like you too." He mumbles against your soft skin before kissing you again.

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