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Previously on Cutie Cutie Ghost Show:

* Qynka came in 2nd on Recovery, which was bad for her narrative

* Qannen struggled to pursue her art, which no one understands

* They got evicted and had to stop wearing a bunch of brands

* Trash everywhere

* The new maid = a total bitch

* A body? exploded? It was gross???


And now, EPISODE 02. In which:

* A baby learns about brands

* People stay falling out of windows

* Qynka re-enters society

* Qannen continues to pursues her art

* The zonnys miss something


PERSONAL BRANDS (in order of @)

x_80k607 a.k.a. Anacentricity - a random person who will die in a few episodes

Grandfather - sort of a catch-all designation for a caretaker (someone elderly/too washed up to really have reliably interesting brand engagements)

Jendaliza - see below

the_real_jendaliza - 2 randos who demonstrate an object lesson in defending your personal brand

Qannen - that bitch!!!!

Qynka - also that bitch!!!

Truuuly - potential heiress to the 4Spirit empire; tends to redefine stunningness

Sydrifase - they/them pronouns, doing interesting things with lip sync performance coaching

Melidoptera - Son & heir to the Morcel Clan (the family that runs trash collection in Wood2)

Kexopentine - Son & heir to the Kexolin Clan (the family that oversees recycling & composting)

Xannika - forest witch; really into smells

Raminashi - pure evil!!! Bad!!

Azelbeth - one of the Superfine sisters, "the emotional one"

Arkkelina - one of the Superfine sisters, "the positive one"

Anhedine - one of the Superfine sisters, "the funny one"

Alikatase - mother of the Superfine sisters, visually looks about the same age as her daughters

BUGwich - 5th-level empath

5yla - works at ANGELWAX. It's pronounced "five-you-lah"

DJ Vaxzya - a DJ, a person who makes music

DJ Honeycrimp - also a DJ, obviously, are you even reading these

Conspirasan - a collective term for an unnamed group of boys. Cross between Anonymous, Proud Boys, and Chapo. Super bad news.

Rosetrella - popular 6th year at KMS; handbag designer

DiViNATional - popular 6th year at KMS; advice columnist

Manucito - teaches Emotional Manipulation at KMS. He's,,,,,very hot

DaisyXpng - hot 3rd year at KMS

Brian_Yes_Brian - umm no one just literally the hottest 6th year boy at KMS?


HI EVERYONE thank you for 1k reads so far, CUTIE CUTIE GHOST SHOW is BACK with Episode 2 in TWO DAYS, Friday Oct 12. We've got some fun chapters and some super-engaging brand interactions lined up this episode, I hope you like it 💜

 We've got some fun chapters and some super-engaging brand interactions lined up this episode, I hope you like it 💜

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