Chapter 33

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I walked into the bathroom after Nicolae said the tub was ready. Nicolae was already in the water, looking at me as I ate him up with my eyes. I turned as Drogo, followed by Peter, came into the bathroom. I angled my head, leaning over to kiss Drogo as I slowly raised my arms above my head. Drogo smiled for a second as he kissed me and reached out to slowly pull my nightgown up my body and over my head, whipping my hair with the speed. I reached out and started undoing his belt, helping him out of his jeans. He picked me up, pulling my legs around his waist as I clung to him. He started stepping into the tub with me, as I looked behind him and helped Peter out of his clothes with my magic.

I straddled Drogo with my legs wrapped around him, just like we had been when we had sunk below the bubbles. I kissed him from above his face, until I sunk down on him, taking him inside me as he growled. I moved on him for a couple minutes, enjoying his snarls, before I leaned forward and sunk my fangs into his neck taking him even higher, as I fed and moved on him simultaneously. His hands on my hips helped me finish him off after a bit, just as my first orgasm rolled out over me, making me bend away from him backwards; my long almost-black hair filling the water's surface. My arms stretched out behind me as I rode out my pleasure, hissing. Drogo held my waist as he bent forward and kissed my stomach.

A hand snaked out and pulled me from Drogo and then I was laying with my back against Peter. My arms bent around him backwards as my head turned to feed from his neck. Peter's head fell back over the edge of the tub, as I maneuvered myself for him to breech me from behind, feeding from him. His arms wrapped around me as I moved with him, his hand slowly slipping down my front to drive me crazy for a while. I had to release him from my jaws, on an open-mouth hissing moan, as pleasure ripped through my system, pulling his from him as well. I heard Drogo's approving growl as he watched. I could feel Nicolae's mind as he mentally rode the waves with us.

I stayed on Peter's lap and leaned forward and pulled Drogo across the tub to my lips with my magic. I released him on a wicked smile. I returned to Peter's lips as I reached behind me, rubbing his neck in a loving way. His tongue slipped inside of me to drive me crazy, making me moan. Drogo leaned forward and started kissing my neck before his mouth traveled down to tease me just above the water's surface. I looked down at Drogo and lifted his chin to kiss him again, before sending him back with a magical shove and a playful wink. I gave Peter one more caress before my eyes turned to Nicolae.

He pulled me to him and I sat on his lap. My eyes were heavy with desire as I looked at him. I would never tire of them; I would never get enough, even if I lived out the rest of eternity with them here in the manor. I leaned forward and sunk my fangs into Nicolae, feeding on him, making small noises with the pleasure I found there. His fingers snuck up inside of me to work their magic on me, as I leaned over him. I ran my hand up his chest and held his neck to me, as I fed through the orgasm he brought on so quickly. I hissed when he entered me, returning to my feeding, as he started working me up again. I finally released him from my bite.

I bent over backwards again, as he held my waist and started to drive me to abandon. My eyes met Drogo's as he watched and I reached out behind me toward him and Peter. They came to me as I sat up a little, giving them an alluring smile. Drogo's eyes were glowing red as I looked at him. Peter moved in close enough for me to lean against his chest, as I pulled Drogo's lips to mine with a hand on his jaw. Nicolae's thrusts from below added to the sensuality of the kiss I shared with Drogo, and I felt Peter's lips at the side of my neck from behind. And then he bit down and my I moaned into Drogo's mouth.

Drogo released my mouth to move in on my neck on the other side, drawing on me as Peter fed on the other side. I reached up behind me to fist their hair as they fed. I arched my back and let out a shriek as Nicolae finished me off. But then he bent forward and sunk his fangs into me, just below my ribs, making me throw my head back on a scream of overwhelming pleasure. I thought my body and mind were going to explode, from the overwhelming amounts of unending pleasure rolling through me, as all three brothers fed on me at the same time; the orgasm Nicolae had coaxed out of me, still rolling into the mix.

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