Lenas house

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They both entered Lenas house, it was warm, the moonlight glowed into the big open space, there was a few candles giving her house a delightful fragrance. Kara was surprised by how clean it was. No dust or crumb could be spotted, it felt so homey, comfortable.

"Well this is it." Lena put her purse and keys on the counter.

Flashback: Lena and Kara sat in Karas apartment on the couch eating pizza and whatching harry potter. "This pizza is so good!" Lena said exitedly.

"Really sherlock?"  Kara smiled looking into her best friends bright emerald eyes. For a moment she got lost in them, well a few moments.

Lena rolled her eyes at Karas witty reply, she noticed Kara was staring at her, looking at her a way no one ever did, like she was the world.  "Ahem." Lena got a little uncomfortable un-aware why the reporter is staring.

The youngest Danver caught herself and looked away quickly and her face turned a soft shade of pink as she awkwardly chuckled and looked back at the TV.

End of flashback:

"Wow this is really nice." Kara said in her new deep voice she wasn't yet use to.

"Thanks." The luthor smiled kindly. "Em make yourself at home, there is plenty of food in the fridge. In going to go take a shower and put on pajamas."

"Ok, ill be here." They shared a smile before Lena walked away.
Kara got her phone out texting Alex saying she would be gone for awhile but she's okay. Im hungry. The kryptonian walked towards the fridge then stopped herself in her tracks. Pizza and potstickers! Her eyes lit up as she got her phone out ordering just that.

As she waited for their food to arrive she gave herself a long hard look in the mirror sighing.  Although  she did think she made a sexy man she missed herself, but had faith in Lena.

For the rest of the wait she layed down on the couch, until the door bell finnaly rang and she leaped to her feet and speeded to the door. Right as she opened it she was met with the worste odor, a killing stench filling her dieing nostrils. She didn't have a shirt on so covered her nose with her hand as her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. She hurriedly took the food and mumbled a quick thankyou before slamming the door in the poor delivery mans face and Kara amediatly supersped to the counter placing the food on it and falling to her knees still covering her nose as she coughed and gagged.

The Super heard a chuckle come from the other side of the big room and Lena stood there smirking crossing her arms whatching the whole scene unfold before her eyes. "All it takes to take down supergirl is a delivery boy who lacks soap, or whatever is wrong with him to you."

Kara rolled her eyes and smiled showing her cute manly dimples as she sniffed and slowly stood up and her nostrils still burnt. She super sped right infront of the luthor taking her small soft hands in her own, her shining green eyed looking up at Kara.

Kara closed her eyes as she slowly breathed through her nose and the vanilla fragrance Lena had made, madeher feel better and took the pain in her nose away.

Lena laughed quietly wondering what the Super was doing.

"You smell good." Kara shrugged opening her eyes and she let go of Lenas hands the made electricity flow threw her body at the touch, then she walked over to the counter again. Lena couldn't help but stare at supergirls abs when she had a good view.

"So you ordered pizza." Lena was wearing sweat pants and a tank-top and she walked up beside Kara.

"And potstickers of course!" Kara smiled.

"Kara loves potstickers as well." Lena smiled brightly at the thought of her best friend, as if she remembered something she got her phone out and started typing somthing.

The Super got them each a plate and put pizza and potstickers on it. Kara felt guilty for not telling Lena her biggest secret but she has been waiting for the perfect moment to.

Lena hit send on her text message and just a second later supergirls phone made a beep. Lena looked curiously at the Super who opened her phone and started reading something.

Hey kara, im sorry I won't be able to make it to our lunch date tommorow im dealing with somthing ill tell you about it later.. -L

Lena studied supergirls face and she looked up at Lena like she was hiding somthing. "Who is it?" she asked hesitantly.

"Oh just um, work stuff." kara replied.

The luthor and the super grabbed their food and brought themselves to Lenas couch to sit down. They sat about a foot apart.

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Lena and Kara both took a bite of their pizza at the same time and both hummed in delight.

"Wow, this pizza is really good!" Lena said clearly surprised.

"Really sherlock?" kara smiled forgetting she as Kara said the exact same thing the exact same way.

Lena chuckled before she wasn't laughing anymore, she came to a realization, and she would prove it. They made eye contact as if it was the first time they had met, both eyes shimmering in the darkened room, Lenas fireplace making crackling noises and the fire making their skin glow.

Lena was staring into karas soft, ocean blue, bright kind loving eyes, she knew those eyes from anywhere.

Kara gazing into Lenas intligant, gentle green eyes that lit up the room, in that moment kara felt like she was looking into her future even if she didn't know it yet.

It was not easy for the two to come face to face with how they really felt, they had become bestfriends, the moment the reporter first walked into Lenas office with her little notebook was the very moment they felt something powerful, kept visiting, then going out for lunches, and kara inviting the luthor to game nights, then being able to cry infront of one another, being able to comfort the other, loving eachother unconditionally, they became the light of their lives, and they were not willing to ruin that for anything.

That moment was a powerful moment, Lena wasn't 100% sure that Kara is supergirl, but she felt it, deep down she new that kara danvers was her hero, in many ways.

Kara giggled and smiled at Lena before looking down shyly, Lena smiled as well and they felt and knew what they would not admit, not yet.

Sooooo they decided shoving potstickers in there mouth was the safest bet..

To be continued,  we will pick up where we left off:)
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