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Dina's POV

The next day I wake up and do the norm. I exit my house to see Daryl on his front porch doing something. He looks over and I wave before he looks away. I go down the steps and behind my house where I dug a tunnel under the walls. Nobody knows about it but me. I know what you're thinking. How can a 5ft girl dig a tunnel? Well I did and it took almost 2 years.

I keep walking further until I get to a Old White House with a pile of trash in front of it. I come to this place when I don't want anything to do with the alexandria people. I walk up to the barn just as a walker comes out. I stab it but it lands on me making me fall back on the pile of garbage. I push it off and roll over but notice I had opened a blender and inside was a gun.

I pick it up and examine it but quickly hear noises. I look through the trees seeing Rick coming through them. I run behind a big one by the house and watch slowly as he looks at the blender not seeing the gun. So it's his?

"Looking for this?" I say holding it up and he reacts just as quick holding his gun and pointing it at me.

"How did you know it was there?" He asks sternly.

"I didn't until a second ago." I say walking forward holding it out to him. "Don't worry I won't tell." I say as he takes it.

"Did you follow me out here?" He asks and I start walking away.

"Like I said I just found it." I keep walking but hear him following behind me. I stop abruptly making him bump into me. "Is there a reason you're following me?"

"Just keeping percussion." He says simply and I nods mumbling a whatever.

"So do you not trust us?" I ask him and he looks at me confused. "I mean you stashed a gun out here for a reason right?"

"It was in case something happened. If you guys weren't people who I could trust." He says and I nod.

"Smart." I say but stop again when I see about 6 walkers coming towards us. I grab my knife from my Hollister and start taking them down just as Rick does. When they're all dead I look up at him to see him staring at me. I look away and notice we're close to the front gate. I keep walking and notice that it's open and see that Aiden has returned seconds before us. He looks to be arguing with some of ricks people.

Rick runs forward and pulls Daryl off of Nicholas. I follow behind him just as Deanna tells them to stop.

"I want everyone to hear me okay? Rick and his people are apart of this community now, in all ways as equals." Deanna yells so everyone can hear her. "Understood?" She adds looking tight at Aiden which makes me laugh and he glares at me.

"Understood." He reply's back.

"I want all of you to turn in your weapons, then you two," She points to Aiden and Nicholas, "come talk to me."

Aiden leaves not before giving me a shove as a few stay around Deanna.

"I told you, I had a job for you." Deanna says to Rick. "I want you to be our constable. That's what you were, that's what you are." She says then turns to Michonne. "You too. Will you accept?"

"Okay." Rick says taking a glance at me. Daryl walks away back to his house and I almost know what he's feeling.

"Thank you." Deanna says to Glenn.

"For what?"

"For knocking him on his ass." She says and I chuckle. "I haven't seen that happen since Dina did it a while ago." Which makes everyone's attention turn to me.

"And I'll gladly do it again." I say happily. I walk away down to my house. I see Enid by the gate looking at Carl. I whistle which makes her look at me and I motion my head for her to come with me. She follows and I swing my arm around her.

"What?" She asks and I laugh.

"You're in Love."

"I have a boyfriend."

"Oh please, you don't like Ron." I say and she doesn't argue back.

I go to my house and it gets dark fast making me fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow.


A week passes and all is going well. Deanna is throwing a welcome party for ricks people and wants everyone there to meet them. I really don't want to go but I will for Deanna.

I walk out of my house and see Rick walking down the street with carol wearing his police jacket.

"Looking good Clint eastwood." I yell making him look at me. I wink and he smiles shaking his head.

I walk down the side walk and to the hospital area and walk in. "Pete!" I yell and he turns to me. Today is a bad day I'm guessing.

I sit on the table and lift my shirt to show my bandage. He lifts it off and looks at my scar. "You're good to go." He says and I stand up.

"Thanks Pete." I say and he doesn't say anything.

A few hours pass and I make my over to Deanna's. Right as I walk in I notice Rick is standing by her and Reg. I walk over to them and reg immediately hands me his drink. I down it in one.

"Bad day?" Deanna asks and I shake my head.

"Not really. Just got back from Pete." I say and she nods.

"Rick!" Jessie calls him over and he goes over there, probably to meet her family.

"Hey dina." I here from below and look down to see Sam.

"What's up little dude." I say and he holds up a stamp which I hold my hand out to him and he stamps it.

"Isn't it cool?" He asks and I nod.

"Awesome." I say and he runs over to his mother.

I look down at my hand and frown. This is the simple life. I look up and see everyone talking and having fun. I decide to go for the door and back to my house. I came didn't I?

I open the door and start walking down the street. But stop when I see Carol by the armory and food bank. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion and decide to go back to Deanna's to ask Rick.

I walk back in and see some people have left.

"Where did you go off to?" I hear behind me and turn to see Aiden.

"You know just going to poison all of the drinks in your fridge." I say walking past him but he stops me.

"I think you need to leave." He says grabbing my arm.

"I think you need to let go." I say back.

"Go back to wherever you came from." He says grabbing harder. Just then I smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Why do you have a problem with me Aiden?" I ask and he doesn't talk but just let's me go. As I start walking away I hear him under his breath.

"Bitch." I turn around and almost punch him in the face but stop to calm myself. Instead I walk out the

I hear footsteps behind me but don't pay attention to them and keep walking forward. I make it to my house and a hand stops me and turns me around.

"Hey, What happened?" Rick says looking down at me.

"Nothing, Aiden just likes to bug me is all." I say and he nods. "Hey, why did carol break into the armory?"

He looks at me surprised. "What?"

"I know you knew."

"Look just know it's for a good reason and it's nothing to worry about." He says and I nod.

"I trust you." Is all I say as I walk into my house.

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