How they met you!

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I nervously followed Ms. Peregrine through the garden as she introduced you to the other kids. "This here is Bronwyn Bruntley, she is as strong as 10 men," Ms. Peregrine pointed at a barefooted mannish girl. I shyly waved and returned my attention to the headmistress. I push up my glasses and clenched on to my book. I hated meeting new people. I always start stuttering and make myself look like a fool. Ms. Peregrine introduced me to the rest of the kids. After that, I was free to go and do whatever. I remember her talking to me about a Library and decided since everyone else was outside, that it was the best place to go. As I walked in, I felt a wave of calmness wash over me; this is where I belong. I walked to one of the chairs but before I could sit down I felt like I bumped into something.

"Ow!" I looked for the sound of the voice or the thing that I bumped into but I only saw thin air.

"I'm Invisible that's why you can't see me," The Peculiar explained. I nodded my head and immediately felt stupid. "I-I'm s-sorry umm..." My face heated up and I stared at the floor.
"My name is Millard by the way, I don't think we've met yet,"

"M-My name is Y/n L/n," I responded. "Well, it's nice to know there is a fellow peculiar who shares my same interest in reading!" I looked up at Millard and smiled. "Reading is the best thing ever!" I heard him chuckle which to me sounded adorable. My face flushed again glad that I was able to find a friend in this PECULIAR (hahaha) new world. 


You were outside laying under a tree relaxing. It was your first day in Ms. Peregrine's loop or any loop for that matter and you felt like you needed to calm down and process the overload of information you were given. It seemed like you met everyone or at least you thought. Your eyes were closed until you felt something on your leg. You jumped up and realize that there was a creepy looking doll on your left leg. As you screamed, you heard someone laugh from behind you causing you to turn your head around. Your gaze was met with an unfamiliar boy with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. "Who are you? I don't recall meeting you during the tour," You looked at him and noticed there were other dolls around him. "My name is Enoch and no you haven't met me because I was in the basement" You introduced yourself and gave him back his doll that scared you previously. Without meaning to, your Peculiarity went off and you accidentally read his mind. Holy shit she is pretty! You blushed and turned away. "You think I'm pretty?" You asked thinking that you maybe should've told him what your peculiarity was first. He looked at me in shock and scowled at me. "I'm guessing that's your Peculiarity?" I nodded my head and mumbled "Sorry" at him. Surprisingly he wasn't that mad but told you to never do that again.


I'm not going to write this really I'm just going to explain what happens... So before the day you came, Horace had a dream with you in it. In the dream he saw what your life was like before you became Peculiar, he saw how badly your family treated you and how many times they've hurt you. Horace also envisioned you and him and how umm 'close' you were to each other. He knew the way you were going to feel about him and, to say the least, he felt the same way too. The next day after he informed Ms. Peregrine, Horace couldn't help but contain the excitement he had building up. When you guys met up in real life he couldn't help but Fall in love with all of your quirks and your interests. It was adorable. However when it came around to Movie Time, all of the children couldn't help but Snicker at all of the things to come when it came to Y/n and Horace.

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