F*** Being Friends

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As usual, you all blow me away with your response.

I gotta Purge the Fifth drama...so...there might be juicy tidbits lol.

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You ain't scared to fuck
But you're scared of being lovers
Why is that, huh?
My pussy beat better than my heart do?

The spot, was exactly as mentioned. Secret entrances, low lights, bomb drinks and a steady flow of entertainers.

LA was really so, so small. 8x8, same people, all dressing to impress the people they always see. It was a game, an illusion, a carefully crafted experience.

"Now, this, this is what I expected," Mani says, exhaling breaths of comfort.

Lauren merely side hugs her in understanding. Anxiety was real, social anxiety was even worse.

"At the risk of sounding cheesy, yeah my baby knows that I.."

Mani laughs, it surprises her, but she has to finish it. If Dinah was here...

"Deliver, that's exactly what I'm gon do," Mani finishes.

The girls cackle, it's refreshing. It's an unwritten rule, that when at least two of them are together, they must not mention the band. For all the drama that happened, no one needed to be triggered by just the way they were treated. All of them.

"Since we've already broken the rule, can I ask about the photo?" Lauren asks. It's been on her mind for months.

Oh, did you not know about the photo?

Normani's eyes desperately search for the open bars

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Normani's eyes desperately search for the open bars. They just got here, for fucks sake.

Lauren just eyes the girl.

"What? Candace just, is Candace."

Lauren frowns, "And Karla is just, Karla. Come on, Mani, tell me how it happened, you actually look happy next to her. Did...did you guys hang out afterwards, just, bitch..."

Mani grabs Lauren's hands, pulling them towards the bar.

"I need 4 shots, two of them Henny, and Two of them Tequila, Sauza...the 90 proof. Oh, and two pickle-backs, one Sprite back and Apple Juice," Mani says, ordering for them.

Lauren purses her lips. Who even said she wanted to drink?

"Normani...really? The drama, just explain? It's not like you fucked her..."

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