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Celestine de Merville, the wild and reckless daughter of Lord and Lady de Merville, Duke and Duchess of Crowther. She would rather spend her day reading books and practicing swordplay and archery with her older brother than expend it with the other noble ladies who knows nothing but to gossip and buy frivolous things.

Born with wavy, light purple hair and violet eyes, she was the fairest of the fair. Her beauty and character were unparalleled by no other. She also lived in luxury and great comfort. However, this is not the life that she always wanted. Celestine would rather live as a peasant than spend all her life acting like a puppet that follows whatever the society and her parents would tell her.

Yes, she has a refined and effortless grace that made all women look at her with jealousy but only when she needed to (especially when her mother is around). When she had escaped the prying eyes of the people around her, she would ride her favorite white mare and travel to different places until dusk.

It was always her dream to become the greatest doctor with her own hospital but it all crumbled to dust when a political marriage was arranged between her and the Emperor.

However, when they first met, she fell in love with him but he was cold and indifferent to her. So, she changed herself. She became mean, arrogant and cold to everyone around her.

When she became the Empress, she tortured and bullied every single concubine of her husband especially Lady Alexa, the favored concubine of the Emperor. Until one day, blinded by hatred and bitterness, she tried to murder Alexa but the Emperor found out. She was executed together with her family in front of the whole Empire.

But before Celestine died, she swore.

"I will never love you again Kyrios!"

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