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Noah and I are currently at the doctors' office to get an abortion.
She wanted me to be there to support her and her decision. We're sitting side by side and she's squeezing the life out of my hands and it's really quiet you could hear a pin drop.
"Noah Evans" the nurse calls, Noah stands up slowly rubbing her hands on her jeans.
"Wait for me ok?" She says scared
"I will don't worry everything will be fine" I replied as I stood up to hug her. We hugged for a good ole 15 seconds before she finally let go and walked with the nurse to the room.
While she was in the room I said a silent prayer to God hoping there won't be any complications.
About 15 minutes later I saw her coming. I stood up quickly to greet her.
"Are you okay?" I said worriedly
"Yea just relieved," she said smiling
"Okay as long as you're fine," I replied smiling.
Next day
I sat on my bed watching the originals thankful today was Saturday. My phone vibrated as I was getting up to take a shower. I smiled as it was Elliot who sent a message to the group chat


Elliot🤩: Let's all go somewhere. I'm bored😔

Noah💘: Yea we should where though?

Me: How about six flags? I wanna ride a rollercoaster

Dean🤪: Ok sure. What time?

Elliot🤩: How about 1

Me: Yea sure

Noah💘: Ok

Dean🤪: Yup

I checked the time it was 11 a.m 'ok I have time' i thought to myself. I went downstairs for breakfast and I saw my mom and dad in the living room whispering but stopped when I saw them.

"What's going on?" I said worriedly

"Oh, nothing honey. Just come here we have to talk to you about something." my mom said beckoning me to come over. Skeptical I sat on the opposite side of them.

"I have decided to run for the Senate" my dad blurted out clasping his together

"Oh wow t-that's great" I replied grinning I heard my dad sigh in relief

"I might not be around that much" my dad added

"And there may be some allegations against me but they are false" my dad explained I nodded understanding

"Just know we love you" my mom chimed in smiling I smiled back as I got up and hugged them

"I love you guys too" I gushed I went to the kitchen telling them I needed a rid to six flags my dad agreed to be my chauffeur. I made some cereal and went upstairs to look for an outfit to wear. I set my empty bowl of cereal on my desk as I found my outfit and layed it on my bed then hopped into the shower.

I wore my outfit and braided my natural hair

I wore my outfit and braided my natural hair

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