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[ WARNING: This chapter contains content that may be triggering. ]

all that namjoon could hear was his own heart thumping in his ears at the sight in front of him.

there was a mustard colored fluid coating the walls and the floor of the abandoned building. it smelled horrific and it made namjoon's stomach coil.

but he couldn't afford to lose his dinner. he had to concentrate on the thing─ man before him.

"jaebum, please, focus on me, focus on my voice." namjoon pleaded.

the creature before him flinched then turned its large body towards namjoon. as it did, a sinister smile spread across it's face and namjoon couldn't lie. it frightened him.

'but he won't hurt me, right,' the young man thought to himself, 'he promised he never would.'

namjoon took a hesitant step forward, to test the waters. the creature didn't move qn inch, its smile only faltered a bit.

then he took another step, and then another, and so on. he kept taking slow steps until he was face to face with the beast. namjoon could feel the sweat trailing down his forehead and back from his nervousness.

every single voice in his head was screaming at him to run, run, run, and never look back. to pretend he never saw anything and forget jaebum's existence, but his heart wouldn't let him.

jaebum was there for him when he was at his worst, dealing with an abusive ex and his suicidal thoughts. namjoon could feel the many scars on his arms and legs itch at the thought of that period of his life that he hoped he would never have to visit again.

and he knows, if he did, he wouldn't be able to face it without the love of his life by his side.

all the two did was stare back at each other. the mustard color liquid was dripping from the creature's chin and clawed, monstrous hands and the smell was heavy on the creature.

'could that be... blood?'

namjoon gulped and took a risk to reach his hand up and place it on the creature's cheek. the rough skin under his palm was warm, so much so that namjoon would've that it had a fever.

"i know you're in there, bummie. please come back to me," namjoon said slowly. he watched the sinister smile on the creature's face slowly melt away and its eyes change. the look on its face looked similar to that of confusion.

namjoon giggled at the look which was weirdly cute.

"come on, jaebum, let's go home."

something seemed to snap in the creature's head because its eyes softened, almost. the shape of them turning into ovals and a deep rumble came from its chest, like a purr. it made namjoon smile.

he reached both of his hands up to clean away the liquid on jaebum's chin and pull him down to give him a soft kiss on his pointed nose.

the purring increased as he did and namjoon could feel him vibrating against his lips and he giggled, "cute."

"but you're cuter."

namjoon let out a gasp at the voice. underneath the deep grumble and the echo, he could hear jaebum's voice. strangely, namjoon liked it.

he pouted and grumbled, "just take us home, you dork."

jaebum chuckled before reaching down to pick up namjoon. he was mindful of his clawed hands as he lifted the small body and held him with one arm before taking off.

when they arrived at their apartment, jaebum landed on their fire escape railing and namjoon heard the weak metal crumble underneath his heavy landing. namjoon scoffed and jumped down onto the balcony and glared up at jaebum.

"i hope you're gonna pay to fix that, mister," the younger huffed. he crossed his arms childishly and turned away from jaebum. their land lady wasnt going to be happy with them in the slightest and namjoon doesn't think he'll be able to handle her rudeness any longer.

jaebum smirked down at him and leaned forward, the metal bending and groaning under his weight. he didn't stop until his breathe was tickling the side of namjoon's neck.

"and what are you gonna do about it, kitten," the demon grumbled in a teasing tone. he watched the heat rise to namjoon's cheeks and his body shiver slightly.

he knew he could always make namjoon crumble, no matter how angry he was with him. he was only ever mad at him for small things and it was never for long.

namjoon sneared and pushed jaebum's face away before demanding, "shut up and change back you dick head."

jaebum only laughed at him before stepping down from the ruined rail and quickly shifting back to look like a human. as he did, more and more of his bare body was exposed and he was soon standing naked in front of his boyfriend.

namjoon's eyes widened at his bare body then he quickly covered his eyes and he screeched, "you dick head, you were supposed to wear clothes!"

jaebum laughed again before he pushed namjoon against their window an grabbed him by the hips and mumbled, "but you love this dick head. metaphorically and literally."



[ this is super duper late im soRRY ]

[ this is super duper late im soRRY ]

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