When and how you two hug

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I will add more characters after a few chapters. You can think yourself of how you met them and became their lovers. This is for BOTH genders. Also sorry if I insult anyone in this book!


You and her hug a lot. She is the one to hug you first. You only hug her first when she's sad or sick. It are always hugs full with love.


When she drinks she begins hugging your arm a lot or just holding your waist. You don't care, you just hug back. So the hugs only happen when she's getting drunk. If she's sober it would only be when she demands one which lets you know she's sad.


He doesn't like to hug because he thinks it will show he's weak. The only way you can hug him is if he's having a nightmare or a mental breakdown. He says your hugs are warm and full with love which makes him calm down.


He likes to give backhugs and bear hugs. When your just walking, he would sneak up behind you and hug you tightly. Giving your neck a kiss so show how much he loves you. You would just laugh and hug him back before walking with him.

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