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Top daddy:
Jin, I'm sorry about yesterday...
I didn't mean to...
I feel dumb lol
Okay, it's not funny, it's actually very sad so...
But yeah, I'm still sorry.

You left me 5 texts and you messaged first...

Top daddy:
Don't make me regret it Jin

Okay okay
I'm sorry
Not sorry

Top daddy:

You get so worked up

Top daddy:
Bye Jin ✌️


Top daddy:
What? 😴

Don't leave me
I believe

Top daddy:
Wanna see me at work?

For reals??!!!!!))!!!?!

Top daddy:
Yeahhh sure
I'll send you an Uber
Is that okay?

This is all happening so fast I can feel my heart beating in my dick

Top daddy:
Wth Jin 😶

See you in a few daddy (~^3^)~
I'll send you my location

Jin is offline
Top daddy is offline


The tall boy definitely didn't know what he was doing. This man, that called himself Seokjin, could've probably not been Seokjin. Namjoon was worried about seeing someone completely different from the pictures. Namjoon was worried about being trolled.

Seokjin could be real, on the other hand. Those precious plump lips and bright eyes could be real and probably much more gorgeous in person. Maybe Namjoon shouldn't even be worried about being catfished by a guy that apparently doesn't care about genders.

But on the other, other hand, Jin could maybe come with a friend. Namjoon definitely wanted to see the boy alone or it would be awkward.

And on the other, other, other hand, Jin could be in a relationship.


Kim Namjoon stood behind the coffee counter, resting his head on his hand after calling an Uber for Jin. He glanced around at the extremely busy coffee shop with distaste, just wanting to go home.

But he knew he had to stay.

Not that he cared about Jin, oh no. He just didn't want to get spammed with messages from Jin after ditching him. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Namjoon was zoning out about Jin when he heard the door to the shop opening. He shot his head in the direction of the door and saw a small, blonde girl walking in.


She looked up at Namjoon from the door before being attacked by a small group of people. They dragged her away.

"Meet up, I guess," the tall boy mumbled to himself.

He heard the door again but didn't bother to crane his neck to see who it was. He stared at the table counter, then he saw some black jeans in his peripheral vision. He glanced up at a tall blushing boy, who seemed a few centimetres shorter than him.

"You're prettier in person," the boy mumbled.

He stood up straight and stared at the boy.

Lips. Just remember the lips.

He glanced at the other's lips, and they sure were plump. Very thick and red and, if he had to admit, very kissable.

"Jin?" he uttered out in his deep voice.

"Um...hi Namjoon," Jin smiled.

Namjoon didn't have words.

Oh, holy moly, this boy was beautiful.

Namjoon could feel his body heating up when he stared at every part of the older boy. And he could also feel that-

"Your dick is hard," Jin uttered softly and giggled hysterically.

Namjoon glared at the older boy, the urge of strangling him within him.

But it was true. Namjoon had had a hard-on while staring at every part of Jin's meaty thighs. Each muscle was clear and shaped so naaisssse. He just wanted to bite down on the older's thighs.

Jin suddenly leaned forward, propping his elbows onto the counter. He smiled at the younger boy before him.

Was he just going to stand there and stare at Namjoon all day?

Namjoon checked his watch.

As soon as he did, another male came bursting through the door, his long hair flying past his face.

"Namjoon-hyung, I'm so sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" the boy yelled as he quickly went into the staffroom and came back out without the Gucci bag he had, but rather coming out with another bag and handed it to Namjoon.

"What's with the Gucci, Jungkook?" Namjoon questioned.

"My boyfriend bought it for me. He's a Gucci model so, yeah. I was lucky enough to get a bag from him. But like, we fucked last night and we fucked goo-"

"Okay! Kookie, shut up now," Namjoon interrupted, making Jin chuckle softly behind his hand. "Okay, Jungkook. Take care, I'm off with Jin."

Namjoon grabbed Jin's arm and took him away from the café.

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