part 10

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"she say she will come" Ebonie say. "Maybe I should go" Marcus say but I fast pull him down again. "No don't if it's because of Macey you will sure like her" I say. "Well I think I can stay but not for so long" he say nervously and I smirk to Ebonie but he didn't saw it. We talked and then I heard knock on door. I get up and open it's Macey. "Hey" we hug. "You won't believe who is here" I say. "hmm Ebonie haha" she laugh. She come in and she was more shocked then I was. "Hey" Ebonie huged her. "hey" Marcus and Macey say in same time. "How" she ask. We tell her what hapined. "Ouh well it's great" she say. We sit back down and they both acted like they just meet first time. "I need to go now" he say. "Oh noo" I say. "We will meet again for sure" he say and hug me and I can see some jealousy in Macey look. "I hope" I say and hug him back. "Bye" Ebonie and Macey say. "Omg he had so good perfume" I say. "Of course he have" Ebonie laugh. "Wow I still can't believe he was just here" "his room is beside our" I say. "Nice... I guess" she say. "Is something wrong Macey?" Ebonie ask. "No everything is good" she say. "But I need to go now" she added and get up. "No why?" "My dad send me message we go somwhere" she say. "Oh" "yeah bye" she hug both of us and leave. "They both act good" Ebonie say. "We will find out one day" I say.

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