Chapter 27

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We pull up into what I'm assuming is Miras' driveway and everyone gets out of the car. Grey and Lyon help me get Natsu out of the car and Erza rushes to the front door ringing the doorbell with a desperate look on her face.

At this point we're all desperate to help Natsu gain consciousness. Especially Gray. I remember Natsu told me they went way back to 1858. Apparently when they were still humans and just ignorant teenagers trying to just get the young maidens attention in hopes of getting to court one of them.

That was until the incident happened.
As I'm in the corner my back against a tree thinking , I'm brought out of my own thoughts when Lucy approaches me and leans against the tree beside me. "Did you mean it?" She suddenly asked. I crossed my arms over my chest starring into blank space.

"What?" I ask. "That you'd do anything for him." My eyes widen for a split second but then I try to play it off cool. How could I have forgotten. She's a hundred year old witch. "Yes. I did mean it. And I'm not going back on my word. I'm not that type of person."

"I didn't say you were. It just shocked me is all." She kept on talking. And at this point I was starting to get irritated but at the same time I wanted to know more. I looked at the silver ring on my right hand . The one that Natsu had given me with the purple stone. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I smiled a little. "It's pretty." She points at my ring. "Thanks I guess." She nods. "Natsu?" She asks still pointing at it.

"Mhm." I nod. "Why did it shock you?" I ask her and turn my head to look at her. "Because no one had ever done that for him before. All of the women he used to try and be with in the end they'd just use him. He would always end up hurt. So that's why he was so cold towards everyone , especially females. He was tired of the hurt." She looks at me. "You're the first girl in decades he's actually taken seriously."

My eyes widen but this time they stay like that for a good 10 seconds. "It's true , which is why it shocked me. It's the first time the feeling was actually mutual and they'd do anything for him just like he would do for that special person  he's been waiting for."

I was about to say something but then Grays' screaming voice interrupted me. "Juvia! Mira wants to see you she says its urgent." I speed walk over to the entrance and go inside. "She's in the room across the hall , Natsu's in there too." I nod at him. "I walk into the room and see Natsu laying on a bed and Mira turns to me .

" Please shut the door. I don't need the witch hearing this." I shut the door behind me and cross my arms over my chest and quickly start chewing on one of my fingernails. It's a bad habit of mine when I get nervous. "How is he...?" I ask her impatiently. "Not good at all. Apparently the arrows he was shot with weren't only sanctified but also have a spell engraved on them too. Which is what probably made it worse because now he's in a trance and he can't wake up." She finished saying.

I sighed stressfully. "Can we do anything?" I looked at her. She looked down. "There's a 5% chance honestly..." This is an ancient spell. Only a centuries old witch would know how to properly get this kind of spell to work." She shakes her head and at this point my heart start to beat uncontrollably fast and my vision starts to blur. The room starts to spin and the last thing I remember was someone calling my name.

Hey guys I hope you like this chapter, there will be more soon. I just wanted to bring out that I'm gonna also start focusing on my other original story called "Beautiful Disaster" if you guys don't mind checking it out . I know it kinda sucks but please give me a break it was like 2 years ago when I started writing it. I've gotten better at my writing skills and I hope you guys can give it chance I promise it'll get better.

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