(Madlax) Madlax x Reader

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This was requested by AnalynAlcantara. Hope you enjoy!

*Madlax's P.O.V.*

          "Protect her and I'll give you anything you want. If she dies, you'll face a worse fate," threatened a Mysterious voice.

          "I've never, willingly, let someone die. She won't die, I won't let it happen," I defended myself. No one should underestimate me, yet he, clearly, does.

          "Good," I could tell he was about to hang up.

          So, I had to act quick,"Wait!," he let out a soft "hm", so I continued,"Who am I guarding, again?"

*Time Skip*

*Unknown P.O.V.*

          I scanned the picture of the (h/l) (h/c) haired and (e/c) eyed girl,"Such a shame". A smirk formed on my lips,"Find her and kill her". The 30 men, that were in front of me, were gone in the blink of an eyes.

          I grabbed a cold metal, flicking that lid, and igniting a brilliant flame,"Goodbye (Y/n). No one can save you now". The flame met the picture and it ignited even further. I tossed the meaningless paper and watched it drift into nothingness.

*Time Skip*

*Your P.O.V.*

          A gust of wind came, causing my hair to dance,"Such a beautiful day," I mumbled to myself. I sighed, looking at my shoes,"Great to be with your family". I could hear little footsteps scurrying behind me. If was as if the world was trying to torture me.

          I turned around and watched as the kids chased each other around, and a small smile formed on my lips,"Well, I guess that's enough for today. Time to go home". I turned away from the kids once more, but this time I didn't look back. It was too painful watching them run around with each other, but for some reason I always smiled. I guess that will always be a mystery. However, everything stopped as I heard a small click.

*Madlax's P.O.V.*

          "Well?," the familiar, masculine voice called.

          "I've been looking for 3 days and I still can't find her. Can't you give me a little more information about where she is?," I questioned. Searching for this girl was starting to get tiring and I'm no closer to finding her than I was 3 days ago.

          The voice, on the other end of the call, spoke,"I already gave you all the information that I had on (Y/n) (L/N). You told me would could find her and-".

          "I only said that I could protect her," I interrupted,"I-," I paused as I noticed how quiet it was,"I'll call you back". The only time that it is this quiet is when something bad is about to happen. I scanned the area trying to find anything noticeable, but I came up empty handed. I grabbed my gun and was about to start searching when I heard someone snicker, so I followed that. I hid behind a tree and watched as six men surrounded a girl. However, as I got closer I noticed that the girl was (Y/n).

          "This is going to be fun," one of the men snickered and the others were quick to join in.

          I looked to see how many bullets I had,"Damn," I mumbled. I only had 6 bullets. That meant I can't miss a single target and I have to aim to kill. I did just that. I used the trees for cover and started firing at the men. One by one the men fell until there was only one left, but I was out of bullets.

          "Come on out, Madlax. Stop hiding like a coward," he called out. So, I stepped out and came into view. A smile formed on his lips,"Two kills for the price of one. Must be my lucky day". My eyes traveled the the girl who had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. She looks terrified. I have to end this fast.

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