FOURTEEN: Death To Traitors

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I hung sprawled over Brady's shoulder as he stubbornly took me away from the apex away from the battle waged by witches who levitated over and threw fire bolts at the were-people who were fighting back on all fours.

I searched the crowd for Dani first and when I couldn't find her I fell in a state of panic. I begged for Brady to put me down, he didn't comply as he fought witches through the Luna quarters.

I saw my family's werewolf forms fighting in the crowd without Dani in sight eventually surprising Brady and myself I scram loudly as I maneuvered around his neck and freed myself from him 

"How did you do that?" Brady asked astonished

I felt my claws coming out and gums itching right where my fangs should be "I'm going back I have to save Dani"

"She's safe I made sure of it." 

That halted my next step "What do you mean, how?"

"I have Tyler keeping her safe" Brady's expression was stupidly convinced that his friend would keep Dani safe but this was Tyler he hated me. Always had and even more so now that'd I'd wronged his best friend. I genuinely couldn't picture him keeping Dani safe. 

Not in this lifetime 

"Tyler? Are you serious, he'll kill her he hates me and he's your best friend" I itched to punch him on his pectoral muscles, but i managed to turn and take my itch to punch something-someone-the fields.

"I'll take him to safety at the heart of the Luna floor. Alpha" I turned to see Mr. Hannez behind me bowing to Brady, referring to him as Alpha when he wasn't even coronated yet.

Brady heaved a sigh of relief. He then pulled my face up close and lay a kiss in between my eyes even as I pushed him off me, he pulled me in a tight hug.

A warm hug that somehow calmed my erratically beating heart, a hug so warm it magnetically pulled my arms to wrap around him as I sobbed into his neck begging him to check on Dani.

"I have to go now" he whispered into my ear.

Mr. Hannez pulled me away by my arm "I'll take care of him" 

The Luna quarters were highly guarded with impregnable walls that wouldn't tar down to the will of fire bolts thrown by witches. Guards were divided at every entry way so no intruders would slip in.

Our pack was the greatest and grandest in might, wealth, military forces and that was clear in the way I saw military men fighting against the witches who had somehow slipped in the corridor.

Once on the heart of the Luna floor and inside the Luna bedroom Mr. Hannez stared at me with an amused smile tugged on his lips I could see him from my peripheral as I tried to wage who was winning the fight outside on the balcony.

"If you lean any lower Mr. Larkatos you're gonna fall." he eventually neared me and spoke.

"I can't believe witches exist" I said still not believing what my eyes were showing me, not believing a lot of other things.

"What do you know about witches?" he asked

I sensed an unreadable tone in his question "I don't know what I know or don't know."

"You should let Brady put his mark on you an Alpha's scent will burn witches ill intend away from you" he suggested as he turned around removing the locket with the deadly flower from his neck.

"I care more about keeping him away from me." I snorted leaning down on the balcony watching our warriors slaying the witches.

"So say there was a way to break the bond would you be interested?" he raised one eyebrow simultaneously as he raised a brandy glass to his lips.

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