TEN: Fess Up.

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"This is treason!!!" A gruff voice from the council cabinet blared off angrily. All I could do was keep my gaze trained on the mosaic floor tiles.

The hairs on my body stood, awareness rose at the weight at the back of my head. I could  feel Brady's tangibly laser sharp gaze cutting through me it wasn't just my guilt that was imagining this but of all emotions I expected and provisioned to spiral through me, regret definitely wasn't one I expected to drown in. 

Desperate to shed the sting of regret I astral led my mind back to all the horrible things Brady had done to me throughout the years to remind myself on why I shouldn't waiver.

The council members Dad specifically explained to the sectioned pack members how the Alpha, Brady's dad had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer, there was also talk of an invasion coming with familiar creatures and for that they stressed the need for the pack to be strengthened in power by a healthy Alpha blood.

Which was a crisis seeing as our Alpha was dying and Brady as the next Alpha without a mate is as good as a king with no crown, a President with no military backing, a Kardashian with no ass. It was possible albeit significantly not the same.

No one not even my family had yet interrogated me nor even directly spoken to me.

Amidst their bickering  the council was engrossed in all on their own about issues that extended far beyond me, internal crises that I couldn't even stand to focus on especially with my mind on Dani.

I was startled out of my stupor with the sound of The Alpha slamming a fist through the large oak table literally and the room grew radio silent.

I looked up and across the room met Brady's unusually colored eyes, his neck veins were blue strained and his face was lit like a torch up to his chest. He was enraged; his blind gaze fell on mine. I felt compelled to beg for mercy to him specifically but I knew it was just the Alpha blood effect

The rest of the room myself included all got on our knees, hands fisted across our chests and bowed in submission to our Alpha Sir Victrolli who commanded everyone up and out of the hall. Yet my entitled parents remained seated.

"Where do you think you're going?" the Alpha demanded, I shuddered and sat back down without answering him.

Brady readjusted himself in his seat making it near impossible to ignore his agony; the compulsion to reach out and cry out begging for forgiveness was growing stronger within me.

"What was the reason?" the Alpha bellowed from above me all of a sudden

For the fight in me I couldn't find a word.

He repeated himself; defiantly out of shame I forced back the tears that were coming up and shot my eyes up to the mosaic ceiling and stayed like that until I heard my parents begging for my forgiveness. On my behalf.

"Ma, Dad don't beg for me. Please" my mother's eyes were pained, begging me not to upset the bluebloods any longer dad just looked about ready to disown me on the other hand Sir Victrolli looked ready to strike me dead, you could tell he wanted to by the way his hand was dusted with swelling blue veins running up his arms not to mention the murderous shade of blue that was darkening in his eyes.

"Am I not good enough for you Malik?" Brady asked in a deceiving tone that if you didn't know him like I did you'd taste the heartbreak in it.

I let out a bitter scoff.

Brady pushed back his wheelchair, treading where I was sat, knelt before me pushing all his weight to his ankles and tried to touch my face. His gaze was uncomfortably blindly fixed on my lips as he felt for my face. His hands traced the left of my face shape slowly trailing over my eyes, nose, jaw and when he reached my bottom lip I trained my features to wear the expression of disgust as I moved away from his scalding touch "don't touch me!"

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