Here! Hello lovelies well i had the largest temper here grr!

My story was erased now what?

Well enjoy this now!


Harry's POV

i woke up trying to pat stacie when i openned my eyes i saw nothing stacie's not here!


"AT THE KITCHEN HAZZA!" thank GOD shes still here

I ran down the stairs ran towards her "hi,babe" i winked at her "your being a flirt hazza!" she yelled

"like it ,babe?"

"hahaha silly hazza" *TING*

"ooohh! The turkeys's done!" i watch her ran to the oven when she openned the oven i smell heaven! "FOR GOD SAKE! I yelled

"what?" she asked "dont like it?" she pouted puttin the turkey down i grabbed her chin so she will look at my eyes "it smells like... *sniff* heaven..." we stared at each other for like AWHILE she giggled "here yah go!" she gave me a slice of turkey i took a bite "ahhh!" i yelled "what happenned?"

I burned mymtoungue mom!"

"hold on hazza" she pull out an ice pack put it in my toungue she let me sit she combed my curls

I absoloutly like itbthe way she take care of me the way she comed my hair

Ill admit i like her

"you alright now mate?" she asked i gave her a thumbs up "she then proceeds to make us a sammich

"call the others hazza! "

"no!" i yelled

"pretty please?" i pointed at my cheek saying "kiss me first!"

"okay! If i kiss you you will call the boys right?"

"yes " promise?

"yes!" signing a cross at my heart

She then leaned and kissed me i felt butterflies flip in my tummy quickly ran upstairs and shouted while knocking hard "GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE AND GO DOWN,MUM PREPARED US SOME SAMMITCH!"

Stacies POV

Cant believe i kissed harry. Well i had butterflies in my tummy when i kissed him do i like him? No i dont! Or maybe i do... CONFUSED STACIE IS CONFUSED!

The boys then ran down the stairs they sat down and sanged 'GOOD MORNING MUM,"

"morning dears" i then gave them each a sammitch i heard my ohone ringin i answered it

Hal:hi! Im hal im 1ds manager tell them they have a radio interview in 9:00 am get them orepared tnx

He hung up i then get out of my room then yelled


I then take a shower i wore my floral dress with long sleeves then wore my red oumps i saw harry sitting dow on the bed "what are you staring at?"


"go inthere and ill prepare your clothes!" when he got in i looked inside hid closet i found toons of shirts tuxes and some amzing pants i got harry a white v neck shirt and a hoodie and i found a bear hat sitting on thentop of the selves its a beanie with a bear face int it a got it then gave it to him i chose his shoes wich is vans colored black and some undies he yelled "mum gimme my clothes please"

I gave him his clothes then he came out i then proceed to walk towards him putting on his bear beanie

I gave him a cheek pinch "you look so adorable harry" i smiled he smiled back

Well lets get going mr! " he then follows carrying the monkey stuffed animal

-------------------- :P

Who got pissed? You did! Haha a cliff hanger promise ill update later


-nicole <3

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