Austin Mahone fanfic part 5

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Austin quickly got off of you and went to the other side of the couch. You sit up looking down. HOW AWKWARD!?

Mama Mahone: 'oh sorry to interupt.. Should've knocked. Austin can I talk to you for a moment?'

Austin: 'yeah, sure.'


I could not believe she just did that. I was pissed.

Mom: 'Austin what on earth were you doing?!'

Me: 'I was kissing a girl. I'm 16. I do that.'

Mom: 'do you even know her?!'

Me: 'yeah. I know she's beautiful and sweet and an amazing kisser but you had to ruin that..'

Mom: 'Austin you met her today and your already on top of her kissing without a shirt?! You can't play with girls hearts like that.'

Me: 'mom, I'm not 'playing with her heart' I know what I'm doing. I was raised right.'

Mom: 'don't hurt her.'

Me: 'I won't.'

I get a text on the way back. A random number.

Person: [Sorry to bother you, it seems you might have accidentally dropped your number in my pocket..(;] I smile. It's (your name). She's so cute.

Me: [im sorry. My number always manages to get itself in the hands of the most amazing people.(;] I click send and walk into the room. She's still on the couch.

YN: 'everything okay?'

Me: 'yeah it's fine' I flash her a smile. 'Soooo.. Me and Robert are gonna be in the state for the week.. You and your friend wanna chill with us?' PLEASE SAY YES!

YN: 'sure, sounds fun' she smiles. I swear it's the most amazing smile I've ever seen. How is she so adorable!?

YOUR P.O.V------------

Why is he asking to hang out with me. i'm normal and hes Austin Mahone. He's leaning for kiss. You accept it. His big, soft pink lips tangled with yours. Ugh. He's so sexy, you think to yourself. He still doesn't have a shirt on. I think he enjoys teasing me. Austin asks you and Sam to spend the night at the hotel with them. You ask your parents and they say yes. You go to the hotel. Sam and Robert really hit it off. Dave was really cool too. The boys wanted to go swimming you and Sam sat at the side of the pool since neither of you had bathing suits. They started splashing you both and you were soaked. You and Sam went up stairs, the boys gave you guys sweatshirts. You took off your clothes so they could dry and put on the hoodie. Yours said #YEE.

You and Austin were laying in bed. You had talked a lot and learned a lot about each other. He started kissing your neck. You got a text, from Luke.

Luke: [Hey babe. Are you coming over tonight? Me and the bed are lonely without you..(;]

Austin read the text and looked insanely sad. You text him back.

You: [nope, sorry, spending the night with Austin!<33]

Luke: [replacement? Lol jk have fun, but not too much. I love you. Goodnight.<3]

You: [thanks love you too, goodnight.<3] you lock your phone. Austin seems more jealous now.

You: 'Austin, you alright?' you kiss his cheek.

Austin: 'you have a boyfriend. And you kissed me. You let me think you liked me. When you had someone else.' he looked him he was going to cry.

You: 'Austin look, me and Luke, we're complicated. It's hard to explain, but he's not my boyfriend.'

Austin: 'so what is he? Your sex pal?! (yourname) thats even worse! Why did you do this to me?'

You: 'he's not my sex pal. We've never even had sex. He's a best friend. We tease each other like that. We've done some stuff, but were not going out.'

Austin: 'I'm sorry, it's just.. So many people use me just because I'm

Austin Mahone. And I know we just met but I like you a lot..'

You: 'Its alright but I want you to know I'm not like those people. I really like you too Austin.'

He kisses your forehead and holds you in his arms till you fall asleep.

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