1.2 | second date

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"the weather report scammed me," gayoung shivered, hugging herself in hopes to create warmth for herself. "it said it was going go be hot today but noooo, it suddenly decided to be hecking windy!"

renjun chuckled, handing her his jacket and holding her hand again, "the weather is bipolar so just keep my jacket for now."

"bitch no you're shivering!" gayoung shoved his jacket back at him.


"shut up," gayoung put his jacket back onto him. "you have to stay warm too."

renjun smiled warmly at her, saying nothing but his gaze on her says a lot. he grabbed her hand and stuffed her hand into his pocket, not letting go of her hand.

gayoung almost jumped in surprise. she blushed madly, "oo, haha, oh my, why is my face getting so warm?"

renjun chuckled, "you're cute when you're flustered."

"what?" gayoung asked, even though she heard him clearly. "i swear renjun, you're going to give me a heart attack."

he shrugged as they strolled the amusement park, "you gave me plenty of those by a simple smile of yours."

"let's go into the haunted house!" gayoung blurted out and pointed at the haunted house with a shaky finger.

renjun glanced at her worriedly, "are you sure? you seem... scared."

"yes i'm sure!"

"anything for you, my lady," renjun chuckled.

a few moments later...

"g-gayoung.. if you're scared... j-just hold my arm or hand," renjun said, his voice wavering in fear.

then a jump scare popped out right in front of the two.

"aaah!" the two yelled. renjun quickly hugged onto gayoung's arm, grabbing onto her hand.

gayoung chuckled as they speed walked away, "i thought you were the one who offered me to hold onto them, hm?"

renjun coughed awkwardly and straightened his back, not letting go of her, "i was just making sure you won't get scared, that's all– aAAAH FUCK OFF YOU UGLY RAT!"

renjun gave gayoung a back hug as she patted his hands, "hush, little one, everything's going to be alright. i'm right here."

"urgh fuck this," renjun picked up gayoung and carried her bridal style.

gayoung screeched, "put me down! i'm heavy like a damn whale! you're going to break your pretty arms!"

"who cares. hold on tight!" renjun ran (he nyoomed) for the rest of the haunted house without even stopping for a break, not even once.

gayoung was still frozen, shocked from many things. she was shocked at how fast renjun can run, how strong he is to carry her, how handsome he is, how he made her heart beat faster and how she was happy to be in his arms.

but what shocked her the most was when renjun first carried her and she laid her head onto his chest..

she could hear how fast his heart was beating just for her.

when they got out, renjun carefully placed her down, trying not to accidentally lift her skirt up or let the perverted wind do that.

"want to get some drinks and go sit down? i'm exhausted," renjun asked, giving gayoung the puupy eyes.

"of course," gayoung laughed at him.

after quickly getting their smoothies, they sat down at a bench where they got a satisfying view of the amusement park. they sat there in silence. it wasn't an awkward silence, it was rather comforting to the both of them.

"gayoung can i ask you something?" renjun broke the silence, gaining gayoung's attention.

she was caught off guard at how someone can look so godly with their peaceful aura. she snapped herself out of her thoughts, "y-yeah, go ahead."

"what kind of boy would you want to be with?" he asked, turning to look at her with a serious expression.

"what do you mean by that?" gayoung turned her body slightly to face him.

"what kind of boy would you want to date?" renjun corrected his question, turning his body so he could face her as well.

"what kind of boy i'd date..." gayoung pondered, leaving her gaze off him as she was thinking. she looked back at him, "well i don't want to be with a boy whose heart belongs to someone else. just once, i want to be somebody else's first choice."

renjun softly chuckled, "if you knew who he was, right now, would you give him a chance?"

"of course! being someone's first choice is so rare, like seeing a blue moon," gayoung smiled brightly.

"then... does that mean you'd give me a chance?" renjun leaned in, staring intensely into her eyes.

and that's when she realised how much something can change in just one day.

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