Chapter 11

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Pyrrha POV

I was so happy that Jaune is alive and now, he's a leader of UNSC here in the remnant. I see that my friends are sleeping. To Ozpin & his colleagues are at other rooms for them only. I was a bit awake to check the time. Then, I was thinking that I would ask him about my feelings. But I felt sad that he didn't notice me before as he always look at Weiss before his tormented. Then, I ask Nora if she's awake.

Pyrrha:" Psst. Hey, Nora. Are you awake?"

She started to feel awake and look at me & said.

Nora:" Yeah, Pyrrha?"

Pyrrha:" Do you feel sad that Jaune won't come back with us as a team again."

She started to feel sad on her face.

Nora:" Yeah... I can't believe that he fought those wars while we're here. He's so brave and strong just like we did before."

She chuckles and continues asking.

Nora:" But now, he won't come back with us since he's a leader of the colony and he has a responsibility to do. I wish we go back in time to stop Cardin from revealing his fake transcript."

Ren:" Don't say that, Nora."

We look at Ren that he's awake.

Ren:" He made his choice. Surely, we wanted to come back with us. But he's been suffered from those people when they know his fake transcript. Let's give him some time, alright guys."

Pyrrha & Nora:" Right."

We said to agree with his terms. Then, we went back to sleep for tomorrow morning.

Next day...

Jaune POV

I woke up in the morning to see a clock is 6:34 am. I look around to see my mother holding me. I smiled that she cares about me so much. I get up from my bed and put gently my mother arms on it. I went to the kitchen to cook something delicious for them. In a few minutes, I am done cooking and put the foods on the table. Whew, it's a good thing my adopted father taught me how to cook properly before the war. Heh, good old times. Then, my sister, June came in while yawning and said to me.

June:" Big brother, what's that smell?"

Jaune:" It's the food for breakfast. I was hoping that you all awake."

June:" Nope. Just me. I always a wake-up person."

I chuckled for hearing it. Then, they all come to me to see a lot of food I cooked.

Joyce:" Wow! What a wonderful smell."

Shai:" Brother, did you cook it."

Jaune:" Yep. Albert taught me how to cook it. Do you guys like it?"

Jaune sisters:" Yeah!"

Then, I saw mom coming in.

Mrs. Arc:" Hello son. It seems like you cook them very well."

Jaune:" Sure is. C'mon, let's eat before its getting cold."

So we eat breakfast as a family at the table. After that, I went to my room to put my admiral uniform on. I and my family head out to see what I'm planning for them.

Narrator POV

Everyone has already eaten their breakfasts & put their clothes on. They waited to call Jaune's men when they came in.

Marine:" Everyone, Jaune is waiting at his office."

Ozpin:" Okay. We'll be there in a moment."

He nodded as he closes the door. He looks at his students and colleagues to say.

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