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•||Ch12: Breaking Heart||•

||Sania POV||

I looked at Zain with a small pout and again tried to ask him, "Where are we going?" "Have some patience, dear." He tapped on my nose which made me angry.

"Don't touch my nose," I said him angrily. He chuckled softly and stopped the car somewhere. He climbed out of the car and came near my side, opened the door for me. I stepped out and looked around.

He grabbed my hand and I followed him. We both entered in the beautiful restaurant which made me look around in awe.

"Mr. Zain." He told the lady at the reception. She smiled at us and signaled us to follow her. We followed her but I didn't miss the way her eyes batting at Zain.

I huffed and tried to stop being jealous but how could I when she was staring at my husband like this. Zain squeezed my hand gently and I also heard him chuckling at me from the corner of my eyes.

"Why are you burning?" He amused which made me look away from him. He was smirking at me. When we reached our table he pulled a chair out for me. I sat on the chair with a smile.

He sat across me and stared at me but I quickly looked down at the menu. I bit inside of my cheeks and tried to ignore eye contact with him. He was a little different because he was rubbing the back of his neck and playing with the menu.

Before I opened my mouth to ask the reason the waiter arrived to take our order. He gave our order and turned to me again.

"San--," He cut off by the ringing of his cellphone. He looked at me with a sorry smile and excused himself. I looked around the area and thought about Zain. I didn't know what was making him a little nervous.

Fifteen minutes passed but Zain didn't come. The order arrived and placed on the table. I tapped my fingers on the table gently and sighed.

The waiter who was at our service started flirting with me. "I must say that guy is very unlucky to ditch a beautiful woman like you. If your date haven't arrived then I can accompany you but after my shift. By the way miss there have my number. No one know when you need my number. Just know that I am always free."

He slipped a paper on the table which was taken by someone. I looked at person who did this. Zain glared at the waiter and tore the paper and threw the pieces of paper at the waiter's hand.

"I suggest you to stay away from my wife before I talk with your manager," Zain said him lowly but angrily. The waiter looked at him with wide eyes and tensed. He quickly apologized and rushed away.

Zain sat on his seat angrily. I put my hand on his hand and squeezed it. He calmed a little and we both started eating.

After eating he paid and took me out of the restaurant. We both sat in the car. The ride was all silent and we both were sitting in a comfortable silent.

The car was stopped and I looked up and saw he stopped the car near a field. I turned to Zain but he was not at this seat. The door from my side opened which made me jumped in fear on my seat.

"Are you OK?" Zain asked.

I put my hand on my heart and other on Zain's hand. I jumped out of the car and turned to him.

"You scared me." I told him. He quickly apologized and dragged me with him. We both stood at the middle of the field. I looked up at the moon which was shinning so brightly.

I turned to Zain who was looking at me. "A dance with me," He said and put his hand in front of me. "Without music?" I asked with a smile. "Yes. Without music," He said. I slowly put my hand in his.

He put his other hand on my waist and I put my other hand on his shoulder. We both danced in the silence in the middle of the field.

Suddenly, he stopped dancing and stared at me. I stared back at him. We both stared at each other. He broke the silence, “I want to tell you something. Something very important. I don't know when and how it happened but it happened.”

I tilted my head in confusion because I didn't understand what he was trying to say. “I know we just met few days before. But,” –Suddenly, he stood on one knee– “I fell for you. I, I love you.”

I froze and stared down at him with open mouth. It was a dream not reality. I tried to tell myself to wake up. I stepped back and pulled my hand out of his hand.

"I, I know you are shocked and I don't ask you to love--," "Can we please go back? I am tired," I said cutting him and not meeting my eyes with him.

He was silence but few minutes later he said, "OK!" I could feel hurt in his voice which made my heart clenched but I couldn't love him back.

He deserved better than me and I was not fit for him. He drove back to the hotel and once we reached, I ran towards washroom and locked the door.

I turned the tap on and washed my face. Slowly tears fell out of my eyes like a river. I slowly removed my shirt and turned my back to the mirror.

My left shoulder was purple and red. I slowly touched my wounds on the shoulder and hissed in pain. The torture of abba flashed in front of my eyes and the pain which my amma and Zara had to gone through.

I had to go back to Pakistan and should take Mirha's help. Only Mirha could help me now since I broke Zain's heart. Thinking of Zain made me feel sad. No doubt he was good man but I didn't want him to spend the rest of his life with a broken girl like me.

I took warm shower and changed my dress. When I entered in the room it was silent. I looked around for Zain but he was not here. I thought to call him but couldn't bring myself.

I laid on the bed and looked at the door wishing he came back. Was I selfish to want him come back after breaking his heart? Again my tears started flowing through my eyes and I sobbed silently after slipping under the duvet.


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