Chapter Seventeen

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Hi guys! Welcome back to the story! c:

Cube Evolution came out about three or so days ago, and it already looks amazing :D some mods are a little confusing, but thankfully people like Grape are trying to slow down and explain. After seeing Grape's second Evolution episode, I am in love with the wisp morph though <3

Anyway, here's your next chapter c: I had way too much fun writing this one.

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Breathless, I sprinted around the corner, barely avoiding running into the wall.

Instead, I ran into a person.

I grabbed the wall to keep myself from falling and glanced up, prepared to apologize, but the words died on my tongue.

Veronica stood in front of me, smirking and twirling something around in her hand.

My phone.

“Sorry, hun,” she cooed, slipping it into her pocket. “Can’t have you interfering with my plan.” With a short little wave, she turned and strutted off, leaving me standing, shocked, in the middle of the hallway, staring after her in horror.

Now what?



Could this day get any worse? I thought as I flopped onto the stage in the performance hall, just in time for Theatre class. I’d tripped over Zach this morning, apologizing hurriedly, but he’d walked off without saying a word. I’d gotten a C on my Science test because I was distracted by Jordan and Julio’s glares. And just last period, I had somehow managed to spill my pack of notebook paper all over the floor (and Mike and Sean). I was already one-hundred percent done with this day, and thankfully it was already sixth period, and I only had to endure a couple more hours here. 

As more of the class filed in, I sat up, still feeling like crap from the day’s events. My eyes drifted to Veronica, sitting with one of her shallow friends and messing with a phone.

I stopped.

The phone had a purple, white, and black case, with all the colors swirled together, and in the corner, the purple swirls seemed to resemble an apple. And the lock screen, when she pressed the button, was the goofy Ellen selfie that our group had taken on the fourth of July.

I immediately abandoned my location on the stage, steaming. I didn’t know why the hell Veronica of all people had Sean’s phone, but if I knew one thing, it was that I was going to get it back.

I halted directly in front of the two, and they stopped talking and glared at me as if I’d interrupted something terribly important.

“What do you want?” sneered Veronica, looking slightly revolted by the sight of me.

“What do you think I want?” I snarled back. “Give me Sean’s phone, now.”

She smirked evilly, glancing knowingly at her friend. “Or what?”

“Hell no, bitch,” I hissed, losing some of my control. “You sure as fuck know that phone doesn’t belong to you. And if you have his phone, there’s got to be a reason for it.” I held out my hand forcefully.

She glared at me. “Excuse me? I don’t take orders from you.”

The other half of my control vanished, and I roughly grabbed her wrist. “Listen. You can either give me the phone, or I swear I will make that pretty little face not so pretty anymore, no matter the consequences. I don’t know if Jordan’s told you, but I took karate when I was younger, and I’m certain I can recall most of it now if you test me.” I squeezed her wrist tighter, and she yelped uncontrollably. “Give me the phone.”

Still glaring, she practically threw the phone at me, and I released her, catching it in one hand, With one last death stare, I turned and stormed away, Sean’s phone gripped tightly in my fingers.

I eyed it thoughtfully before storing it safely in my own pocket, wondering curiously what was so important about Sean’s phone that Veronica had to take it from him.

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