Chapter 2: Darkness 「闇」

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Shisui heard a crow approaching him and take his eye from his hand. He was inwardly glad that he can hear his long life battle partner for the last time.

"I accept it. What will you do now?" Itachi asked his best friend, as his eyes take the form of the advanced three tomoe Sharingan. Itachi felt something amiss when he finally noticed that behind Shisui was a cliff and below was the Naka River that was famous for its depth.

"If I die, surely several circumstances will change." Will they? One can only hope. "I've already left a note behind."

Itachi finally realized what that meant, and shouted as he saw his best friend nearing the edge of the cliff, "Wait, Shisui!"

"Don't stop me, Itachi." He meant it.

He let himself fall with a smile on his face.

You won't stop me if you're my friend, Itachi. You know how I get when I want something. But... I'm sorry, I'm leaving out everything to you now.

Since his suicide note held some truth, Shisui couldn't even find any reason why he felt nothing at all in particular regarding his little act of giving up his life.


Naruto woke up abruptly from her afternoon nap. Today was her birthday; October tenth, so everybody was busy mourning for the death by performing rituals and festivals that she can't join. Usually, when it was her birthday she would sleep all day long to avoid the urge to see the festivals.

But, somehow today was different.

Naruto can't help but searching for the calm chakra that she always search at least once every three days, because she can't always feel it close that when she wanted to feel it she resorted to searching it with her mind eye, and that took every ounce of concentration that she had because of how difficult it was for her to sit still.

It was almost dark outside, she noticed as she used her sensing technique.

Everyone was enjoying the festival, she thought grimly. She shook her head and continuing her search.

There! At the old temple a little on the edge of the village. She sighed in relief when she took notice that the chakra was fine and not disturbed at all. But when she was about to lose concentration she almost shrieked.

The person was just now being attacked. And judging by the situation, it was not a spar. A second later she felt that someone; she already memorize that chakra as dangerous, took the person's right eye forcefully. She seethed, mad when she felt the person was hurt but relieved a second later when she felt it escaping from that place by some technique that called Shunshin.

Naruto hurriedly went to grab her backpack, filled with scrolls and Fuuinjutsu equipment. She hastily grabbed a medical kit that she made by copying the medic at the hospital, and she went outside via window.

She didn't care about anything else right now. That chakra was in danger, she would go to hell and retrieve the person back safely; Naruto quietly promised to herself.


Itachi was shell-shocked. He didn't want to believe it.

He wanted it all to be a bad joke someone pulled on him.

His best friend, his cousin just killed himself because some village elder didn't trust an obviously loyal shinobi. Uchiha Shisui was even more loyal to the village than the clan, being a double agent proved it. To him, Danzou's action of preventing Shisui from casting Kotoamatsukami was illogical and he could say that there was no logical reason behind that act.

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