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Written by todorosky on tumblr

Reader gets badly injured and taken to the hospital, their reaction.

Bakugou Katsuki

His chest came up and down in complete exhaustion. The place was a burning mess. Some buildings had collapsed leaving debris all around, and there were still flames blazing. All of it caused by three rebels with strong quirks.  Bakugou had taken care of one of them together with his agency. The other two had been taken down by other two, including the one where his girlfriend worked her internship.

He had been so caught up in his own fight he had entirely forgotten she had fought as well. Maybe the confirmation all targets were under control made him believe all had gone according to plan and there had been no casualties from their side.

Ambulances soon appear, nurses and doctors checking them and healing their minor scratches. Bakugou was thankful when cold cloths were put on arms to help his muscles relax. He had been so distracted by their victory he hadn't notice when his chief attended his radio and quickly glanced at him and nodded in silence. It was no secret who Bakugou was dating.

A figure was seen from the distance, not walking but running. He soon recognized the silhouette as the boss of ______'s agency. His eyebrows raised expectant. He was carrying someone. A bitter taste spread from his mouth, a bad feeling. He stood up in a reflex and soon two hands were gripping his forearms. This only confirmed the growing fear in him.

He finally saw her being carried. Her hero costume drenched in blood, hear head falling lifeless, her whole body hanging like a drag doll from the arms that were carrying her. His mind shut down letting only his body to feel—and what he was feeling as a chocking pain.

He tried to go to her as an impulse, his body jerking forward, but the strong hands kept him in place. "Let me go," he ordered in a grim voice. His chest was clenching painfully, his breath cutting short. Guilt overtook him. He had been so absorbed in his own fight, by the adrenaline of it all he had forgotten about her. He had probably missed the scream of pain she probably let out, or worse, the quiet sound of her hitting the floor... down and out.

He began to yell and fight the arms that were holding him "Wake up, loser! You can't fucking do this to me!" He growled. "Let me go! I need to go! She needs to open her goddamn eyes!" His eyes began to well up in frustration. That's how he worked. Every emotion was always covered up by unmanageable anger.

But as the doors of the ambulance closed taking her with them, all strength began to leave him. Fear overtook him, and small sobs fell out of his lips. "She'll be okay," someone told him.

"She better fucking be," he murmured trying to swallow his own tears and failing.

Todoroki Shouto

He had faced a hell of his own when he was a kid. Fear was an emotion he had experienced for so long, he sometimes thought he had grown to be immune to it. More than building a shell around his own heart, it was more like his own heart had become harder. Soft tissue becoming rigid.

Then, he was proven wrong.

As the fight continued, he witnessed a scene he thought he would only see in his nightmares. _______ received a direct hit from the villain. Her body tumbled aggressively against the floor, and then only stillness.

He had run to her before he could realize his feet were moving. He crossed the battlefield with only the thought of picking her up, and taking her out of there. If she was out for good, he didn't know what he would do. Lash out on the villain, scream in desperation, who knew. He wouldn't be able to fathom the event. The possibility of she being death sent spasms of pain through his body making him feel weak when he needed to be stronger than ever.

He called out her name as he picked her up carefully. She only cough in response. A thin line of blood came out of her nose as well as from her mouth. There was no superficial wound, meaning the hit had damaged her internally. As much as it a relief to see she was alive, the sight of blood dripping from her face made him panic all over again.

"I'll get you help," Todoroki said in a shaky and thin voice. He stood up holding as close as he could, hiding his face for a second in the crook of her neck. "I'll save you, okay?"

More than a promise to her, he was talking to himself. He needed to reassure himself he could make it, he would be in time and she was going to be okay. He repeated those words in his mind. He was oh so afraid to lose her, only then he realized how much the fragile human being in his arms really meant to him.

Midoriya Izuku

What travelled through his veins was a tormenting euphoria. Adrenaline pumping so hard he could be stepping on glass and wouldn't feel a thing. Tears were accumulating on his eyes to the point he didn't need to blink for them to come down. They were two streams on his face tirelessly falling. Midoriya had never felt such an intense and hopeless pain. Hopeless because there was nothing he could do but wait and pray and beg for her to make it out of her current predicament.

He felt All Might stroking his back as he cried his heart out. He felt disappointment in himself for not being fast enough, strong enough, to be there in time and prevent the hit that had sent her to the ground.

He couldn't even breath through his violent sobbing. Her state was a mystery. She could be dying or she could be fighting for her life in silence. Still, there was a chance she wouldn't make it, and that broke him to pieces.

"She's strong, young Midoriya. She'll be okay." All Might said.

Midoriya wanted to nod, but it would be a fake gesture because her unmoving body was hunting him. She had looked so torn apart he wasn't able to believe she would recover. He wanted to trust his master and trust her, yet, he couldn't. He wanted to punch a wall until his knuckles broke. He was desperate for the pain inside him to stop. He wanted to go back in time, and keep her safe next to him instead of letting her run on her own to find her chance to attack.

He wished he wouldn't have let her. If only he had known he was letting her run into her death. He rubbed his eyes but the tears were still coming out.

"Please make it stop," he murmured to himself, his hand clenching his shirt right where his heart was.

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