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((instagram dm: riverelaine >> harrystyles))

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((instagram dm:
riverelaine >> harrystyles))

riverelaine: This is weird. This is so weird and I know you probably won't even read it. I know you probably get upwards of a million messages a day from people begging for your love and attention so I'm not sure why I even think you'll be prompted to open this. Maybe you won't, I guess. Hell, I'm just realizing I don't even know if you run your own account to be honest but I just... I don't know.

I just so desperately need someone to talk to, and before it would've been my twin sister, Jasmine. She was my best friend in the entire world and meant everything to me. She was such a fucking amazing person. I never knew how she managed to be so overall good all the time. She was just so kind all the time, no matter what. In the twenty-three years I knew her I only saw her get angry a handful of times. She was... my hero, to be honest. Notice the 'was'. I can't stop noticing the 'was'.

Anyway, you were her favorite. You were her hero. She'd been a fan since the very beginning. She watched that season of The X Factor with such passion, and stayed a fan of the band's and yours until the very end. She played the band's music and then eventually your solo album constantly. To be completely honest I was never the biggest fan, but I didn't hate it either.

I don't know what I want from this message. Like I said before I don't know if you'll even respond; honestly I'll be surprised if you do. I guess I just wanted you to know how important you were to the best person I have ever known and will ever know.

She loved you so much and she was so sure you loved her too in one way or another. Every day you made her feel loved and important just through your music and that's important and I just wanted to thank you, I guess. Thank you for making her happy. Thank you for being there for her when she felt like she didn't have anyone else, and thank you for writing the words that meant so much to her.

Anyway. This has been really long and probably didn't make any sense but thank you for reading it, if you do.

x River

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