Chapter 22

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My heart dropped when I saw Clary fall down. I couldn't breathe and it felt like our whole world around was going in slow motion. I ran towards her as I saw her laying down on the ground. In my mind, all the bad things happened. I thought that she was badly injured or even may be close to death.

I felt like I could breathe again when I saw her. When I saw that she was okay. Without thinking I pulled her in a hug. I held her so tight, too afraid that something would have happened if I didn't.

"You scared the death out of me." I breathed out when I felt her hair in my face. Her little arms were wrapped around my back and she was resting her face on my shoulder. I could feel that she was out of breath and that may be out of shock and I wouldn't blame her for it. Agramon just tried to take her away.

"I am sorry." She mumbled. She apologised even though she knew she couldn't do anything. It was not her fault. I was just grateful that she was okay. I don't know what I would have done if something else would have happened.

"Just never endanger yourself like that. Stay close to me." I whispered and she nodded. I pulled out of the hug and looked at her. Her beautiful green eyes were glassy and I could see the fear in her eyes. She was terrified by this. I touched her cheek and Clary closed her eyes.

I really hoped that no one paid attention to what Agramon said. That she made me weaker. Clary made me weaker...

It was like it was just me and Clary. I felt like we were alone but the sad reality was that Jace, Liz and Izzy were here. I removed my hand and held every nerve inside me back to not touch her lips with my fingers. I helped her up and she held on to me.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jace and I wish like I could slap myself right now. I did not even ask her if she was alright. I think I was just too excited to know that she was alright. Clary nodded and I knew that she was lying. There were bruises all over her body and she was bleeding. Falling from that height could have killed her.

I took her hand without saying anything and activated her Irazte rune. Clary grunted and sighed then out of relieve.

"Feels better, right?" I asked her. Her mouth curled up and she smiled at me.

"It sure does." She breathed out. Jace looked at us and I really did not want to get the big brother lecture from him. I have a little sister too. He walked towards us and hugged Clary. He gave me a glare and I looked down and walked over to Izzy.

"We should get going. It's not safe here." I said and I truly meant it. It was dangerous for her, not me. I don't want her to get hurt again. I don't know what I would do...

We portalled back to the institute and I observed Clary. She looked drained. I walked towards her and see that she was taking a few steps back. Confused I looked at her as I saw that she was about to faint.

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