Lisa - Marie's Journal

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First Entry -

We were all excited. Of course we were. After all, it was new years eve, 1899. Charlotte, Frank and even Thomas were dancing. Mother and Father were dancing as well. The Waltz. I don't like dancing. I wrote in you instead. Frank, (my 5 year old brother) was pestering me about it just a minute ago. 'Dance with ME Lisha - Mawie!' 2 minutes later Charlotte (my 3 year old sister) shouts 'Leesie - Me, Thomesh says 5 mow minets!' Thomas is my 15 year old brother. I bet you want to know how old I am. I'm 15 as well. This is because me and Thomas are twins, though goodness knows what we've got in common. Lucie came in and I grabbed her (pulling the feather duster away from her hand)  and started to dance. Father was angry. He didn't say anything but I could see it in his eyes. Sure enough, when I was in bed writing this he came in, holding Lucie by the hand and asked me bluntly 'How long have you 2 been friends. I looked down,ashamed. 'Well!?' At this point he shook Lucie roughly and said 'If you don't tell me then you're FIRED!!' He said this last word in a shout. She muttered 'Since I came to work at this house.'  Father said 'Well we can't have this. First thing tomorrow morning you are to collect your possessions and leave, Lucinda.' As calmly as though he was.. Helping me with my skills on the abacus.

Second Entry -

He had punched me in the stomach. That's what it felt like in any case. Once he left I said to Lucie 'Gather your things and meet me in 5 minutes.' This she did and when she came back with her duffel bag and saw my 2 trunks ( one for clothes and one for general belongings) and the 3rd for food, she opened her eyes wide. Wider still when she realized this was barely a 20/1 of my belongings. We crept down the stairs and out of the front door.We went into the woods and put up a campsite. We put up the fold up beds she ways carrying and, lastly, we went to sleep.

Third Entry -

This is a month later. I have been too busy to write, we have to come up with our own resources for food because we have almost run out. I didn't realize how little a trunk of food is.We have moved our camp further into the woods. I fear this will be the last (as well as 3rd) entry I make in this Journal because it takes up so much energy thinking of what to write (the reason I haven't written this past month) and I have no energy to spare. I just hope we will pull through.




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