A different Halloween

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For Halloween, I wanted to go trick or treating.  Antonio decided he wanted to go with me as well and we dressed up in none other than my little pony.

He was Rainbow Dash and I was Pinky Pie

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He was Rainbow Dash and I was Pinky Pie.  Most people would be shocked but I love holidays and I especially love dressing up in costume.

Wade and Cole went as Ninja turtles, Michelangelo and Raphael. Adrian and a girl he brought dressed up like Peter Pan and Wendy.  They didn't go to the houses and collect candy except me but they dressed up all the same.

Every house I went to, I said trick or treat then thank you. It's what I was taught by my parents.  When my pumpkin got full, I empty it in a bag one of them was carrying.

After a couple of hours, we walked back to my house. I was tired and Antonio wanted to change. He said he was done being a pony for the night.

When we got back, we all changed and dumped the six bags of candy out on the table. Wade took a piece and I slapped his hand, "not until dad checks it."  He looked at me surprised. 

It was a rule. No candy to be eaten until my dad checked it. Cole chuckled as Wade sighed, but he did give him a kiss. This didn't surprise me since Cole told me the truth about him and Wade.  I didn't understand why he needed to coach me to say those things.  I like Wade. Wade was nice.

Mom and dad came in and saw all the candy, "Apparently the neighbors think we need to keep the dentist in business."  Mom laughed.

"Does this happen a lot," Antonio asked him.

"Everyone loves Rain in the neighborhood. We got a shit ton of candy growing up," Cole told him.

"Language," dad said to him as he went through the candy.


As he checked each piece, mom brought bowls over and he placed it in different bowls. Antonio watched then looked at me, "Why the different bowls?"

"One bowl is for me and the kind of candy I eat. I don't like nuts, anything chewy, or anything I don't find desirable. Another bowl is for Luke and Cole. Because my parents said sharing is right and another is for them because of tax. Although not sure why there is a tax on candy," I shrugged. He chuckled.

As dad finished, Luke walked in and took a piece of candy.

"How come you didn't slap his hand," Wade asked me.

"Because I know the rules," Luke told him as he walked away, causing everyone to laugh.

We all sat around eating candy. I shared mine with Antonio.

"I have to admit this was pretty fun. I haven't been trick or treating in the last few years," Antonio said taking a bite of candy.

"People stop doing fun things because they think they're suppose to. Then they feel bad because they don't enjoy themselves. I like to dress up. It's fun," I shrugged.

To me I loved the holidays. I know a lot of people don't but I do. I enjoy carving pumpkins. Well not exactly. The first time I stuck my hand in one, it was gross. I told my parents I was done and walked away. They handled it from there.

Plus, they didn't think it was a good idea if I used a knife. Said I might cut myself and they didn't want me to get hurt. Personally, I'm good with that. Luke on the other hand didn't listen to my parents. He ended up in the emergency room.

It didn't help when I looked at his cut and eww that's nasty, telling him he was dumb because he didn't listen. Yep I have no filter. They had to explain to me Luke was in fact not dumb, just made a mistake. I still said he was dumb.

Cole laughed, my parents gave him a look and I stood there as Luke got stitches.

The following year Cole ended up in the emergency room. Same thing. My brothers need to listen more.

I got up and went into the living room, leaving everyone confused. They got up and found me in front of the tv watching It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Antonio took a seat next to me, "you could have told me, you were coming in to watch a program."

I looked at him, "why? My family knows I go trick or treating then watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown after dad checks my candy."

"Because I don't know these things. I'm learning remember?" He looked at me.

"Okay," I shrugged as I went back to the program. Poor Linus. No one understands how important the Great Pumpkin is to him. Although I always wondered why he didn't take a jacket with him. Especially if it was cold.

We all sat there watching it as I laughed. I loved Snoopy. He was so crazy. I need a dog like that.

After we watched that, we watched a few other programs. Nothing scary. I didn't like horror films or programs. This is why I didn't go to haunted houses. First, they're dark. Second, someone is always jumping out at you. And lastly, too much noise with the screaming.

I prefer not to deal with any of that. I know most people wouldn't understand but not everyone likes things like that.

I remember I tried to go in a fun house once. They had to stop it so my parents could take me out. I had went in with Luke and Cole because I wanted to do what they did even though my parents advised me not to. The person in charge of the funhouse was annoyed. Dad put him in his place quickly.

As for Halloween, I like trick or treating. I like dressing up. I really like candy. I like It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. And I like the fact I have friends to share it with. People don't understand it and they don't have to. They just need to understand that for me, this is what I like.

I'm a person too and I have feelings as well along with likes and dislikes. Plus, I liked the fact that my boyfriend, dressed up. He made a cool Rainbow Dash. Even though Rainbow Dash is a girl and he's a boy. Even cooler, he didn't care except he wanted to do something for me.

This is why I love Antonio. He does things to make me happy even if he looks like a fool. Don't ever tell him I said that.

My daughter loved dressing up and still loves to dress up to this day. She loved trick or treating but when she was done, she was done. We did carve pumpkins every year and the first time she decided to help, she stuck her hand inside, felt the guts and said, "nope, I'm done. This is gross." She promptly walked away.

She doesn't like haunted houses and she hates the dark. We work with it but she loves the holidays.

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