Chad Dylan Cooper: Prom

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Suparna's POV:

"Sonny! Suparna! Marshall's coming." Zora said. The two of us signalled everyone to put the set back together. The So Random! cast and I pretended we were doing a prom sketch. Marshall came rushing in.

"Hey, Marshall." We said, trying to act calm.

"You guys have been working very hard. You know what? You guys deserve a break. Go have a real prom and have fun." He said excitedly. We all remained quiet, thinking this was a joke.

"Are you sure, Marshall? You're not joking are you?" I asked unsurely. Marshall shook his head before smiling at us.

"Prom is on!" Marshall screamed. Everyone went to the So Random! set for prome. Everyone except for me. I stood by myself and smoothed out my gown.

"Why does prom have to suck?" I asked, talkinging to myself.

"You know, not all proms end in disaster?" I heard someone say from the doors. I turned to see Chad walking up.

"Yeah, well, this one hasn't been that bad. Anyways, what are you doing here?" I said while shrugging my shoulders. Chad walked up to me and stood right in front of me. I looked up to see his bright blue eyes staring into my own.

"No one invited me to prom. So I had to come." He said. I giggled and rolled my eyes at him. Suddenly, Chad took out his phone and played a song.

"What are you doing?" I asked as he took my hands, putting one on his shoulder and holding the other one. He wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Doing what I should have done a long time ago." He said as he pulled me into a kiss. I smiled and kissed him back. Pulling away to breathe, I looked up at him.

"Why?" I asked, managing to say a word.

"I have my moments, too, you know?" He said before continuing to dance. Maybe prom doesn't suck all the time.

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