Chapter 5

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Music blasted all around them, as Amanda walked into the packed dance club, Awareness of Raul made Amanda remember who she was and who she was with. Looking around her, Amanda was shocked that all around her people were

watching with excitement and longing. For what? She thought. But then she remembered that she was Raul's Fiancé, of course, eyes would be upon them.

     A tall slender woman around her late thirties came running over to them, with her arms stretched out, and a happy smile on her face, as she looked at Raul, this woman's eagerness to talk to Raul, made Amanda realize that she didn't belong in this world of the rich and powerful. Her name being said made Amanda drop her thoughts abruptly.

    "I'm sorry what?" She asked, inhaling a deep breath, hoping to not look stupid.

"We are all wondering when your wedding is to take place. You seemed to get him to the altar, no matter how many women have tried to do so –" the woman's voice faltered, as she looked at Raul with an apologetic look.

"Analise-" he hissed, putting his arm around Amanda's shoulders in a protective gesture.

"We have yet to decide the date, but I do hope we choose one soon, for I'm dying to have Raul all to myself." Amanda's voice pitched an active.

"Don't be silly Cara, we will get married as soon as it can be arranged" Raul announced looking at her with a smile that reached her toes.

"That's wonderful!" The woman, Analise exclaimed. Putting her hands together with pure joy.

 Without notice, music blasted an active higher all around them, as men and women started to the dance floor, trying to move with the beat of the music.

  Raul took her hand and led her to the dance floor, making Amanda's heart pound in fear.

"Raul I don't dance-" she cried, trying to clutch out of his hand.

"Cara, just move with me, no one will notice, just follow my tempo, and let me hold you" he whispered in her ear.

Hesitantly, Amanda started moving with Raul, when she was feeling conscious of all that was going on around her.

"Cara, just follow me, they won't see what we're up too, let's show them that we're just like any other couple, without the title, wealth, and power" Raul whispered, putting his hands on her hips, making Amanda feel like she was a woman for the first time in her life.

"Stop thinking; just let the music drown out all of your thoughts.

Amanda looked at the man in front of her with a small smile. If she lived to be one hundred, she would always remember that Raul had exposed her to life. He had allowed her to live for the first time, and that she thought was the reason she loved him so.

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