chapter 21

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You opened your eyes. You didn't notice that you fell asleep. 

You also took notice that his arms were not around you anymore. 

Instead, he was intently staring at his cellphone, holding it tightly. You watched him got ecstatic when a notification bell went off from his device. 

He opened the message. Luckily, your peripheral vision allowed you to sneak a glance at the person he was chatting. 


You already knew who it was, assuming that that was her nickname coined by friends, including Alya. 

Their conversation seemed to be about a joke, since Adrien is sending out too many laughing-crying emojis that it made you cringe. He is too freaking obvious.

You glanced at the window behind him, where the snow had stopped. "The snow stopped." 

With that, Adrien jumped out of his seat, immediately hiding his phone in his pocket. He instinctly placed a hand on the nape of his neck. He was very flustered. "Oh, uh- right!- I should get going." He walked across you, towards his small bag. Your tears almost fell if you didn't push it away. You only realized that you had a crush on him when it hurts real bad. 

You stood up, and remained strong, but for how much longer? 

He was by the door when he turned around. "Hey, thanks for letting me stay and have hot chocolate with you."

"Yeah, of course."

"And," Adrien lowered his voice as he leaned towards you. "Don't tell anyone, okay?" You nodded, pretending to zip your mouth, and crossed your heart, ending with your palm upward. He chuckled. "See you tomorrow." 

"See you." You sent a simple smile before watching him go. Finally, you slam the door shut and your tears instantly burst. You had to mentally pat yourself in the shoulder for keeping it that long.

But your tears were short-lived. You willed yourself to stop crying over a guy. You knew that you've wasted your time crying, so you just had to let it cease. 

You could not actually believe that you have a crush on your best friend. You told yourself that you wouldn't, but reality thought otherwise. Now that you like him, he then had taken a liking to Marinette; a hardworking, diligent, generous, friendly girl. A beautiful person compatible with Adrien, a perfect person for him.

Who are you kidding? Every girl in school is a perfect match for him, except for yourself. You just don't have that umph. You're just you. A plain, boring girl. 

Your frown went deeper as your brows furrowed. 

Crap. Now, I'm freaking insecure?! 

You mentally beat yourself for ever feeling this way.

You waited until tomorrow.


Walking to school made you feel the least interested, knowing that you get to be in the first seat watching Adrien obviously flirt with Marinette.

You scoffed, laughing bitterly as you remembered your petty little crush on him.

Eventually, you reached the first door of the school where you saw Alya, Nino, and Marinette casually standing there.

"Hey, guys," you said.

"Good morning, Y/N," Alya greeted.

"Hey, Y/N." Nino smiled. "Wanna wait for Adrien with us?"

You shook your head. "No, thank you." You proceeded to head towards the classroom for your first subject.

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