Chapter 2

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Raul sighed as he leaned back against the cool leather seat on his jet. He had not meant to demand so much from Amanda, but she had to put her feelings before her own and get ready to become his wife and queen, and the mother of his children.
Raul had noticed how much she had changed as the years had passed. She had grown up. Making her own living and working day and night to make sure she had a place to live was a responsibility he had to admit he didn't think she would take to. He never thought that she would take such drastic measures to live on her own. In his county in Zahara, no man would allow their woman to walk off on their own without an escort and most of all unprotected.
Glancing at the woman in the seat across from him Raul wondered what it would take to gain her trust. Amanda, not one talked to him since they left Brooklyn but rather looked out the window with defiance in her eyes. A small sigh escaped him as he stood up and walked over to her. He had to make amends before they reached the palace. Once they were enclosed in the safety of the palace walls he would not be able to see her much until the wedding. He didn't want to start an argument with her but she had to be able to take charge and act like an adult, no that of a spoiled child.
"We will be landing shortly your highness" the captain announced before going back to the cockpit.
"Thank you" Raul announced

Amanda sat motionless in her seat. It was just about two days since they had left

her Brooklyn apartment, all packed and ready. She couldn't help but feel lost. She didn't want to be married to a barbarian. She would rather be a million miles away, but thoughts of where she was at the moment, brought her back to reality. She didn't have a choice. 
"Would you like something to drink? Eat?"Raul asked taking a seat next to her.
"No. Thank you"
"You have to eat something Cara you need to be in good health"
Amanda sighed and looked at him. She didn't want to talk to him. The fact that he was right beside her made her head spin. The thought of the kiss they shared made it all the more reason why she hated being near him. Just because he was royalty, and had everything he wanted, didn't mean that his charm would work on her! 
"Raul I am not hungry," she said turning her head to look outside the window.
A small sigh escaped Raul. Taking her chin in his hand, he turned her face so that she would look at him. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears, and her lower lip trembling. He didn't know what to do. He had never met a woman who had so many unwrapped emotions running through her. He softly cursed. This was getting out of control. They would be at the palace soon, and she had to get herself together. 
"Hush Cara mia," he said softly bringing her small fisted hands into his.
Amanda tried to look away, but he brought her chin back to his face so that she was forced to look at him. Forced to look at the sheer beauty of a man she had long loved, but at the same time despised.
"Is it so terrible to be married to me? Am I that terrible that you have to run?" he asked looking into her eyes.
"I had a life, Raul! I was actually happy. I knew that one day you would come, but when, I didn't know. I don't belong in your world, and it's not fair for you to drag me into it" Amanda announced wiping the tear that had fallen.
"Amanda you used to be an heiress, you know how to handle change more than some people. I do admit that I should have warned you, but you knew of what was going to happen."
"You had a chance to claim what was yours three years ago!"She hissed 
"That was then. Amanda in a few minutes we will be landing and I want people to

see you smiling, not frowning. Can you try to be happy for the time being?" he asked gently wiping the tears that had fallen.
Amanda nodded. She hated getting emotional, but when he took control of her life and started making decisions for her she lost it. She knew that once they landed she had to be in control. She would soon be the wife of a prince.
"Good. Now please eat something, you have not eaten since we got on the plane, and I can't have my fiancé fainting on me"
A small laugh escaped from her. She couldn't help it. When he was looking at her with a gentle smile tugged at his lips.
"I have to make a business call so eat, and be ready I have a feeling that we won't be the only ones present when the plane lands," Raul announced leaning in and kissing her brow.
Raul was not kidding when he said that they wouldn't be alone when they landed. They were greeted by reporters, and Raul had to hug Amanda to him to shield her from all the drama. Amanda didn't know how long that would last, but she hoped it would end soon, she was not used to so many people wanting to know what was going on, and yet being pulled against Rauls's hard chest made her shiver. She had never been that close to anyone. Being pulled against Raul, Amanda felt safe, something she had not felt in a long time. Making their way to the black vehicle a few yards away, she heard shouts and flashes of cameras.
"Prince Raul is it true that you're engaged?"One reporter asked 
"Who is this woman your highness?"A man asked holding a microphone in front of them.
"Is this woman your mistress?"Another asked flashing at them.
Alarm slammed into Amanda. These people thought she was his mistress? Did Raul have a mistress? Panic and anger flared up if he did keep one she would absolutely be mortified. She didn't want to be a burden to a man who had no feelings for her. She didn't think she could go through life knowing that the man she loved was breaking their vows on all they held, and she would not put their children through it. Children. The one thing she knew was a priority for him. An heir. Raul needed an heir and she was to be the woman who provided him with one. Before she knew it they were rushed to the limo waiting for them and once inside Amanda couldn't help but glare at him in anger.

"They think I am your mistress" It was not a question but a statement.
"Let them think what they will, they don't know the facts"
"And then be honest, do you have a mistress?"Amanda asked wishing she didn't.
"If I do it is none of your concern," He said harshly
Amanda was shocked. She didn't expect to hear that. Raul was Ruthless.
"I beg to differ! If I am to be your wife, I need honesty Raul, not lies. If you're going to be my husband I want honesty, because if it's the other way around you might as well let me get out of this car"

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