Chapter 1

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Amanda looked at the man in front of her in horror as anger flooded her veins making her wish that he was a million miles away. Sadly Prince Raul Al Hassan was right in front of her, looking as though he was ready to start a fight. His eyes as icicles. Amanda took a deep steady breath, trying to calm herself. She would not run away and act like a scared child. No. She would not. She would not run away. She knew that his day was fast approaching, and now that it was here, she would embrace her future. Amanda was not ready to let go of her life. In fact, she didn't want to do her duty.

As the prince's betrothed and future wife Amanda had received news of the upcoming announcement of their betrothal, but as the woman whose existence he had ignored for years, she had not acknowledged it. When she told him that the moment was a bit too soon, and she was not ready. He had told her straight out, that no more time was to be given. The time was fast approaching for him to take a wife and queen.
She had been just a baby when their parents had signed the betrothal contract and had been aware that her life was already planned out. From the age of six her parents had shipped her off to a school designed for teaching girls how to be a perfect wife, and most of all how to be a perfect mistress, and how to keep their husbands happy, something that was a necessity. For the next twelve years, Amanda was taught how to be a perfect wife and mistress of a household. Amanda had survived all the humiliation expecting to be released from school to marry Raul, but for him to never come and get her. She had shown up at the major parties, special events, and not even once had he brought up their future wedding, and although he had treated her with uppermost respect, Amanda couldn't help but feel that she was insignificant to him, like a doll put up on a shelf.
When Amanda had turned eighteen, she started to realize that she wanted to take her life back and create her own future. She didn't want to sit and wait for a man who never had the time or the desire to glace at her. Amanda never wanted to be told what she could and couldn't do. A few months after her eighteenth birthday she had called her portents and told them of her plans and announcing that until Raul was ready to come and get her, she made her own decisions. Her parents had been furious, but Amanda was grown up, and she had a say in what went on in her life. A few days later Raul had called and was furious, and announced that he would come and get her when he was ready.
Now three years later, she had her own apartment and a simple job as a cashier. It wasn't much, but it paid the bills, but also gave her a chance at a normal life, something she knew she would not have for much longer. Amanda always got the feeling that out of nowhere, Raul would walk in unannounced, and destroy it.
"What are you thinking about Cara Mia?"Raul asked, looking at her with dark black eyes, eyes that she swore could see through her soul.
"I don't think you would like to know," She said harshly.
"Trust me, I would like to know what is in that pretty little head of your Cara," He said leaning back against the couch waiting for her answer.
"How about we start as to why it took you three years to decide that you had wanted?" Amanda asked bitterly
"You were just a child Amanda, yes I do admit that I could have taken you out of the horrible place of a school, but I thought that you needed some time to come to the terms of our marriage, and time is what I gave you"
"Oh I see, so you gave you some time you mean? Did you bother to think that I might have not wanted this marriage?"
Raul gave Amanda a glare before standing up and crossing over to her. 
"I don't think you knew what you wanted Amanda. Years ago when we first had met, you looked at me with stars in your eyes remember? When your father had told you of our engagement, you had smiled with joy, what had changed that you want to cancel all of the plans?"
Amanda wanted to scream in frustration. From the first moment that she had met Raul, she couldn't deny that there was a deep attraction between them. As the years went by Amanda started to grow up, and later on, then realized that all her feeling for Raul was nothing more than a crush.
"Amanda, I didn't come here to argue but bring my bride and future queen of Zahara back to my country. You knew that I was coming. You have been prepped and ready from the day you turned eighteen. Now stop acting like a child, and get ready. We leave in one hour." Raul announced before walking over to her and kissing her.
"I don't have a say do I?"She whispered before leaning into him and putting her mouth to his.
His mouth was so soft gentle at first before Amanda knew it; Raul wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer to him, deepening the kiss. It seemed like forever until they separated, breathing hard trying to catch their breaths. For minutes no words were exchanged.
"Wow," Amanda whispered bringing her fingers to her mouth.
A small laugh escaped from Raul, making her feel ashamed. Amanda swore to herself that whatever happened she would not do this again. Would not get caught up with him again, but here she was breaking all her rules, and putting her heart out there for him to break. 
"Keep doing that Cara and you won't get out of this house untouched "He whispered leaning over to give her another kiss, before exiting the room.

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