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Hi. I'm so embarrassed. I tripped in front of my crush. Why does life hate me? Let me start from the beginning. I was walking to my Mandarin class, which is one of the best cause my crush is in that class. Also, my friends make it awesome!

So, I was just blasting "Say Amen" cause why not. (Brendon Urie and Josh Dun are so damn cute together) I make it to class, I hadn't done my homework cause I didn't know what to do. Which, I still haven't done. I'm screwed. (ughhh)

I'm not going to do it, yeah. My Mandarin teacher doesn't ask about it, yay! I was early to class again, not a good thing for me. After, just sitting there listening to I write sins, not tragedies and reading my "The Maze Runner" book.

Eventually, she starts class (poor woman). My crush is here-- I'm dying inside during this. We do our class routine and pull out a paper, she gave us. She told us to partner up with someone. Everyone was getting up, my friend and I just stayed at our table/desks.

Some girl we know comes up to us and asks my friend to be her partner, she says yes and I'm over here feeling betrayed. I sit there until the teacher says does anyone not have a partner? My friend whispers to me, "Raise your hand." 

My introverted ass is like NOPE! BUT I RAISE MY HAND AT SOME POINT! GUESS WHAT I GET PARTNERED WITH SOMEONE I DON'T EVEN KNOW! Her name starts with a Y or something. It was an awkward time working with her. I have to admit. I pulled through though!

She went back to her desk/table. I stay and grab my phone case (it's clear and had Albus Dumbledore's face on the back of it). That's a whole other story! The bell rings, trying not to miss the *dam* bus, I walk very quickly to the gate.

My crush exits through the same side but I was in front. I was walking so swiftly, I fell because of a *dam* crack in the cement. I get up so fuckisnsgjdn fast, The Flash would be jealous. I get to the exit, get onto the bus.

I can't.

(A/N: What color should I get my hair died?)

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