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The three girl walked to the car.

"Ok Gab, where to know." Olivia said getting in the drivers seat.

"Ya know the bakery on 3rd?" Gabby responded.

"Yup is that where we are going?" Olivia asked.

"Behind that. Lock your doors when we get close." Gabby said having flashbacks.

* "little girls like you need to go to school. Ill be your teacher.Give me your clothes ill show you. And my friend will be your teacher too."

"I dont-"

"Listen Gabby. Im in charge here."*

Amanda noticed Gabby having a flashback. She would regonize one for she had them every so often.

Amanda was about to say something when she saw two tears fall from the little girls eye.

"Some times i like to tell Liv what they were about" Amanda said still looking forward but feeling Gabby's eyes turn on her.

Gabby felt the minutes pass before she spoke.

"I was 7 so just last month." Gabby started.

Amanda turned.

"I-He was my 'teacher' and i had to be hit by him. And i had to let him and his friend- they had a contest. It was to see how many. How many pencils-they could fit." Gabby struggled to say.

"Fit where?" Olivia asked from the drivers seat.

"In me." Gabby looked at her scar on her chest from that night.

"35." Gabby said after a minute or so.

"35 what?" Amanda said.

"Pencils. They put 35 pencils in me. And you know what i hate the most about that night?" Gabby said building with anger.

Amanda turned.

"What hun?" Amanda asked taking the girls hand.

"Is that- that they couldn't just rape me and let me forget about it. I have a scar the size of my hand on my chest." Gabby said lifting up her shirt showing Amanda the clearly infected red scar.

"Oo baby. The looks bad." Amanda said running her hand underneath it.

"Its gets better. 35 pencils. Well that 35th pencils wouldn't fit. But they made it anyway. They cut my vagina, i bleed for a week and half. It still does every so often." Gabby said chucking with pity at herself.

"Have you seen a doctor?" Amanda asked.

"No. Never." Gabby said.

"When we get back that probably something we should do." Amanda said looking out the window seeing the stopped looking into an alley.

"Here?" Olivia asked.

"Ya. But see they flags not up. No ones here tonight. "Go back a bit."

Olivia took direction to several different places before turning to go back to the precenint.

"Here!" Gabby yelled.

Olivia saw the place Gabby had pointed out. It had a large yellow flag with three black lines intersecting in the middle.

"Ill go see whats up." Olivia said as she left leaving Amanda and Gabby.

Olivia walked around the piles of trash, kicking things to have a path. A girl who was about 16 came up to her.

"Hi. Who are you?" The girl asked.

"Im Olivia and your name?" Olivia said looking past the girl where she saw a little girl who fit Kayleigh Mae's description.

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