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The first day of the last year of high school was tomorrow and two, very unprepared, boys were hanging out in the bedroom of the oldest. They didn't want the night to end because that meant school would be starting.

"Jeno, I don't think I'll survive," Jaemin groaned into a pillow.

"Why?" Jeno looked up from his phone, "you've survived every other year."


Jeno rolled his eyes and shut off his phone, stretching out his arms. "It's getting kind of late, think you should go home?"

Jaemin looked up from the pillow and gave Jeno the deadliest glare ever. "No, it's only twelve o'clock! Plus it takes me less than a minute to get back home, so what's the rush.."

"You just don't wanna go to school tomorrow," Jeno got up from his chair and went over to take a seat on the bed next to Jaemin, who was complaining.

"You right," Jaemin rolled over onto his back and sighed over dramatically. "Hey I have an idea!"

"What is it?" Jeno tilted his head, he was a little frightened at what it might be.

Jaemin sat up and stared at Jeno with a grin, "so! You ever heard of those dumb pack thingies or whatever, where they're like 'if we aren't married by this age then we'll marry eachother' and stuff?"

"Jaemin I am not marrying you–"

"No no, hold up! You didn't let me finish," Jaemin laughed and smacked Jeno's shoulder. "How about, by the end of the school year, if neither of us have had our first kiss yet, let's give it to each other."

Jeno seemed very surprised, "wait what? You want to– what now?"

"Sigh," Jaemin rolled his eyes. "By the end of senior year, if we haven't had our first kiss yet, we'll give eachother our first kiss! Make sense?"

Jeno just stared at Jaemin in silence, how was he supposed to answer that?

Jaemin squinted his eyes at Jeno and then gasped, "wait don't tell me– you've had your first kiss already!?"

Jeno shook his head quickly, "oh gosh, no– I haven't," he muttered and looked to the side.

"Aww, are you embarrassed about it? Don't worry Jeno bear, I haven't either so no need to feel embarrassed!" Jaemin scooted forward and hugged Jeno tightly, rubbing his head way too aggressively.

"Okay okay stop–" Jeno laughed and pushed Jaemin away, "I guess, to make the year less boring, I'll agree to it."


"But don't make me regret it."

"Got it!"

Posting another fic already?? Wow I know right– but here it is and I will do my best to update regularly👀💞

I got the idea to do this when I heard this guy in school say that if him and this girl weren't married by 25, they'd marry each other. Since I've seen a lot of stories based around that, I thought I should just change it up a bit! And it's Nomin because I love Nomin, it's soft and cute-

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