thirteen - dream

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this chapter's song : 40 day dream - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros just because i like it

this is all in cal's pov are you excite i'm excite

 calum ♂

recap: calum and avery got in a small argument, calum went to her house for a family dinner, calum and avery exchanged i love you's, and they've been boyfriend and girlfriend for a little over a month at this point.

"Stop it Calum!" Avery giggled.

I only smiled and moved my hands to her neck, tickling her more. She tried to wiggle out of my grasp as I moved my hands back to her waist and squeezed.

"Calum stop, please!" She gasped between laughs.

"Tell me how good looking I am," I smirked.

Avery wiggled some more, "no."

"Well then, I guess we'll be here for a while," I sighed, squeezing her waist again, causing a fit of laughter to escape from her lips. I wanted to kiss her so bad right now, and cuddle her until she fell asleep in my arms. But I couldn't do that without finishing what I'd started, now could I.

"Fine, fine," she breathed out. "You're really good looking."

"Oh, you can do better than that," I tsked, squeezing her a few more times, "

"Uh you're super good looking, a 10/10,"

"Oh come on." I leaned down so my lips grazed her ear, "what happened to the dirty talking Avery I fucked last weekend?" I whispered.

Avery's eyes turned dark and I knew I had set something off in her. She was such a goody two shoes around everyone, but I knew her true colors.

"Why so quiet Avery? Cat's got your tongue?" I teased.

"Shut the fuck up Calum," she bit back.


"Because my dads are downstairs and I'm trying really hard not to kiss you."

"I can be quiet," I whispered, pushing my lips against hers briefly. 

"Yeah but I can't," she spoke, bringing her lips to mine again.

"Oh I can make you stay quiet Avery," I smirked before moving my lips down to her neck, sucking gently. She moaned and I immediately moved away. "Quiet baby."

Avery rolled her eyes and kissed me hard, flipping us over so she was now on top. She moved her hands down my torso and smiled, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Calum, I'm gonna ride you so h-"

"OH MY SWEET JESUS!" Avery jumped off of me and sprang to her feet, her jaw dropped. Cameron stood with a melon ball-er in one hand, the other being used to cover his mouth. "Calum were you trying to have sex with my daughter?"

I gulped and looked at Avery, who was hiding her eyes in shame. "I uh, well you see here's the thing..." I started, not sure where exactly this conversation was going.

"Because if you were... I wouldn't be upset. As long as you were safe."

"Oh my God dad please stop!" Avery groaned.

"I mean Calum you know we love you in this house, but if you get my daughter pregnant before she's out of college I'll take this melon ball-er and shove it up your-"

"Dad!" Avery screamed, taking the melon ball-er from her dad's hand and throwing it into the hallway. "Get! Out!"

Cameron finally got the message and left, leaving just as Avery flopped onto her bed and screamed into her pillow. I chuckled and sat down next to her, rubbing her back, in what i assumed would be soothing.

"I am so horrified," she said, sitting up and crawling into my lap. 

"I know, baby," I smiled, stroking her hair.

"I never want to have sex again."

My eyes shot open and I looked around the room, not sure what to say. What was I supposed to say to that?! Of course I loved Avery no matter what, and I wasn't using her just for sex or anything, but I still liked sex. A lot. Especially with Avery.

"I'm just kidding Calum," she giggled, poking me in the forehead before leaving a kiss on the part of my chest that wasn't covered by my tank top. "Hey Calum?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Can you just cuddle me until I fall asleep? I know you have to go home because there's school tomorrow and we start exams, but I really need this."

I just nodded and pulled her closer to me, allowing her to nuzzle her head in my neck. "Of course baby, I would do anything for you."

this was filler and it was really boring and short i'm really sorry it took me like 2 months to update, i've just hit another little bump in the road with this story

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