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The teacher could have not been more sadistic by putting Tae He and Taehyung both together in a group and for the textile class where they are the most different. Things probably couldn't have gotten worse.

In each class they had to face each other and not in the past year they had interacted or even given a stare to each other for this long in a day. They both were unavoidable now.

Fashion designing...

Textile designing...

Korean language...

They were literally together the whole day and apparently they couldn't take their eyes off of each other for a reason. They attracted so much attention that they were confused themselves that that something like this was bothering them.

But finally, the horrible and eye soring day had came to an end.

Holding onto the straps of her bag, Tae He walked out of university without thinking how will she get back home.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her friend would most of the times drop her or her mother would but today coincidentally none were available for her disposal.

She didn't use the public transport either for a reason. She just sat on the ledge thinking what to do next but whatever she thought a "no" came along with it.

"Looks like someone is really lonely..." that voice made Tae He roll her eyes way back making them hurt a bit.

She saw Taehyung making his way to her with his probably thousands of dollars bag hanging on his shoulder as his car keys spinning around his finger.

"Please go away seriously..." Tae He said grabbing her head because of the pain that slowly started taking over her.

"You don't have ride back home right?" He said crouching down to her level.

"Yeah so what... as if you are going to do something." She said sarcastically. Tae He simply got up and just thought to go to a cafe but Taehyung held her wrist so suddenly making all her nerves to flinch from that contact.

"Hey, I can give you a ride if you want."

Wow, what a bipolar person he is. One second he would be mocking and insinuating her and the other second he be so gentle with his voice.

This was confusing like hell because he had never been this way.


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