Chapter 7

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I called ray and he rushed into the store where I was waiting.

He came and hugged me,"why do you have to leave?"ray asked.

I let go of him..

There's only 12 days left!

Should I tell ray every thing?

But I love him.

"I'm sorry I'm going to have to go for two days,I promise I'll text at night okey?"I smiled.

"Ok and while your gone I'll try to find a job so I can buy things for you! I'll take you places and ill stay with you! We can be one forever!"Ray said he was playing with the corner of the tissue.

"What do you mean?"I asked.

He smiled..

"I want to marry you sky!"he says looking at the pizza box..

"Wait-"I said in shock!

"Don't worry,first let me get a job,I know the requirements,and than I'll purpose you properly,you'll need to tell me where you live too!"he smiles.

He's so cute.

"Hmm uh..ray I don't really know,I'm scared!"I smiled.

"I know..I am too,but if our love is getting strong, than nothing could stop us,with my mother dead I told father..he said I need a job first..ok...Let's order up!"Ray says!



Who's bride am I going to be?

Me and Taylor are going to get married in 12 days right?

But ray is going to get a job for me,he's going to ask his father,start buying things!

So who..

Who will be my husband?



After dropping off the annoying Olivia I got a call from my love.

Yes love,I have a girl friend who knows everything,and that's okey.

I'm going to enjoy my life,I know I have to marry Olivia but it's worth it,the money and everything father always talks about,I just hate being around her! And now for a whole two days with out Nicole!

Poor poor Olivia has no clue she's being used up I thought..the thought gave me a evil smile.

She thinks she's helping join forces with the companies,well what about me?

I don't like Olivia I like Nicole!

Nicole's phone call came.

"Hey?"I said.

"Where are you? Are you close to my apartment?"she asked.

"Yeah I'm almost there,I left my jacket at your house."I said.

Nicole is really pretty,she has a lot of money and she used to work in my office..

Why wouldn't I want to marry her?

"K...I'll be waiting,and could you take me to the doctor? I feel sick!"Nicole said.

"What? Are you okey?"I worried.

"Yeah I think I'm good but..I think it's food poisoning!well be on your way,were going to the doctor! see ya"she said.

"Ok babe".i said.

I came into her parking lot..

She was wearing some skinny jeans and a silky light pink t-shirt that said 'swag'!

She hugged me,and than I softly kissed her..

"Come on let's go."I said with my arms around her.

We walked into the car.

I put the music loud on LOUD! I felt like the whole car was moving with the beats of the rap,and the pop,with the hip hop!

We finally got in side the hospital.

They gave her things and I left the room..

The nurse came outside to me..

She was African America,she seems really nice..

She came with a smile.

"Who are you to Nicole?"the lady asked.

"Um..dose it matter?"I asked sharply!

"Well fine I won't ask,but it's for Nicole's Safety."she said.

"I'm well in her's wrong with her miss?"I asked with a demanding tone.

She's a doctor and if I tell her im Nicole's boyfriend than she might not tell me what's wrong with Nicole!

She smiled really big.

"Congrats ...Nicole is pregnant!"she said.




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